2 Viviscal Women Extra Strength Hair Loss Supplements for Women

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2 Viviscal Women Extra Strength Hair Loss Supplements for Women

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Viviscal Women Extra Strength Hair Loss Supplements for Women

Seen in Cosmo, Vogue, and Allure, Viviscal has become a favorite of models and actors for longer, healthy hair


Thousands of women have already seen their thinning hair slowing and regrowing with support from the natural food supplement Viviscal. The following results were recorded from participants with alopecia areata.

  • 100% of participants hair had stopped thinning after 2 months
  • 85% experienced total hair regrowth after 8 months
  • 68% were highly satisfied with the treatment results after the study and a further 20% estimated the results as good

Hair Loss in Women is a serious problem - Viviscal can help

Viviscal's unique formula has shown to help promote healthy, fuller hair growth in women suffering from thinning hair. Revolutionary European hair care system now available to women world-wide.

Women with hair loss face a difficult problem. But the causes of female hair loss have proven to be very similar to the causes of male hair loss. Therefore, proper nutrition from inside and out are an ideal way to help slow down thinning hair.

  • slows thinning hair
  • promotes thicker, fuller hair growth
  • encourages longer hair
  • makes hair healthier and stronger
  • helps prevent damaged hair
  • proven in scientific studies

Because Viviscal uses a unique protein blend in both it's hair vitamin supplements and scalp lotion, it has the potential to help stop thinning hair, and promote thicker, fuller hair growth. Of course there is no cure for hair loss in women, so any hair growth product, Viviscal included, should be regarded as a long term treatment rather than a short term cure.

You can trust Viviscal

Viviscal hair growth products have been used by women for everything from growing longer hair to stopping thinning hair for more than 10 years. Dubbed the ""Miracle Mane"" pill by Cosmopolitan magazine, Viviscal has become the most popular hair care supplement among models and actors. If you are suffering from female hair loss Viviscal hair care supplements could be the answer to your problems.

Viviscal, dubbed the ""miracle mane"" pill by Cosmopolitan magazine, is considered by many to be the best hair vitamin. Developed and manufactured in Finland, Viviscal's unique formula has been reputed to help with a wide variety of hair concerns, including thinning hair and hair loss. It's been reported that many actors and models take Viviscal for overall hair health. Viviscal contains a high amount of amino acids (proteins) derived from marine origin extracts along with Vitamin C.
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