<![CDATA[Blog]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/ Fri, 03 Jul 2015 21:57:49 +0000 Zend_Feed http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[Benefits of the Massage Mouse]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/benefits-of-the-massage-mouse/ The massage mouse is a massaging device for use in the home that is based upon the same technology used by chiropractors and physical therapists in their bio-electrical devices. The massage mouse has massage pads that are applied to the area to be massaged, usually the back or shoulders, and it sends bio-electrical signals to the muscles. Let's discuss some of the benefits of the massage mouse.

These signals cause the muscles to involuntarily contract and move, causing the sensation of a Chinese “Tui-Na” massage. The massage mouse provides butterfly, tap, and knead modes, for different sensations. These modes operate in a randomized pattern to provide the most comfort possible for the user.

The massage mouse has many benefits, most notably its ability to significantly reduce muscle tension. And aside from placing the pads and turning it on, the individual is not required to exert any effort to make it happen.

Other benefits include that the massage pads are durable and reusable, it operates on various frequencies for user preference, and it is portable and lightweight. The intensity of the bio-electrical signals is easily adjustable with a dial switch. And after an hour of use, the massage mouse will turn itself off automatically.

The battery for the massage mouse lasts up to two months. And for individuals who sit for long hours at a desk, the massage mouse is highly recommended as a means of breaking up the muscle tension and even relieving muscle pain. The ear on the mouse can be removed for portability and can be used to hold a book or documents, as an added benefit. The massage mouse, overall, is the least expensive and most effective way to get a regular, even daily massage at home.

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<![CDATA[What is Arginine?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/what-is-arginine/ Arginine has been known to society since 1886, when it was first extracted from a lupine seedling (a bean). From its first discovery until today, it has grown in both its number of uses and in its popularity.

Arginine is an amino acid that the body makes in small amounts. It is also derived from consuming proteins like those found in meat, beans, and milk. Generally, the body derives enough arginine from internal and external sources, but sometimes supplementation is necessary or helpful.

Arginine is known for its vasodilation properties. A precursor to nitric oxide, once changed, it widens blood vessels. This has led to its use for medical illnesses that benefit from vasodilation. It has been used to treat atherosclerosis, angina (chest pain), heart disease, heart failure, erectile dysfunction, vascular headaches, and certain vascular diseases.

Beyond its usefulness for vasodilation, arginine also triggers the body to produce protein. This has made it a popular supplement for body builders. It has also been studied for enhancing sperm production, healing wounds, and preventing tissue loss in severely ill patients.

As with any supplement, care should be taken to ensure quality and safety. Certain conditions could be worsened with vasodilation and thus it is wise to consult with a physician. Others may benefit, with a doctor’s supervision. Under the guidance of a doctor, for example, arginine hydrochloride can be used to treat metabolic alkalosis.

For the most part, however, arginine remains a popular supplement that can be found at health food stores nationwide. Many people of today supplement with arginine to help aid strength training and speed the muscle rebuilding process. It is found in combination products like L-Arginine Plus (with added heart-healthy ingredients), Proargi and Proargi Plus (with added L-Citrulline). Arginine has been, and will likely continue to be, one of the top body building supplements available.

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<![CDATA[What is Nuphedrine and Hoodia Gordonii?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/what-is-nuphedrine-and-hoodia-gordonii/ Many experts say that weight loss is all about calories in and calories out. But if you’ve ever seen a slim person eat whatever they like while your overweight friend eats her salad with dressing on the side, you know that this is not the case.

Losing weight involves more than just not overeating and making sure to exercise. Metabolism has a lot to do with what is burned, lean muscle is needed to increase fat-burning, energy is needed to burn the calories with exercise and, for those with a hearty appetite, suppression may be needed to help stop overeating.

Nuphedrine is a weight loss supplement that combines the powerful appetite suppressing properties of South African Hoodia with the Patented Advantra-Z® in its extra strong 30% concentrated form. South African Hoodia, unlike other products advertised as Hoodia Gordonii, is the purest and most effective form of Hoodia, used by South African tribesmen for ages to combat feelings of hunger on long hunting trips.

Advantra-Z® contains synephrine, an energy source similar to other metabolism-boosters but without the jitters and negative effects. It accelerates the metabolism without causing rapid heart rate or detrimentally affecting the central nervous system. Advantra-Z® is sold in 5%, 6%, 10%, and 30% potencies. Their Nuphedrine product contains the highest strength.

According to study results, Advantra-Z® can increase the resting metabolism to 15% when taken with food. And the metabolism with meals is increased by 4%. Also, it can help increase lean muscle mass while improving athletic performance. Overall, Nuphedrine seems to have all of the most important aspects of weight loss covered, in conjunction with diet and exercise of course.

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<![CDATA[What is the Massage Mouse electronic massager?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/what-is-the-massage-mouse-electronic-massager/ Massage therapists are expensive. Chiropractors and physical therapists are even more so. But with today’s high-stress lifestyles, muscle tension is a common problem. Looking for an affordable way to relieve that muscle tension, many Americans are turning to the Massage Mouse.

Not unlike the bio-electric machines used by chiropractors and physical therapists, the massage mouse uses small electrodes to deliver bio-electric signals to the muscles. These signals trigger involuntary movement in the muscle tissue, giving the sensation of physical massage.

Tui-Na is an Ancient Chinese method of massage that is comparable to the sensations and relaxation produced by the massage mouse. The signals knead, tap, and do butterfly movements on your muscles, loosening tightness and soothing the aches and pains.

You can attach the massage pads to whatever muscles you need worked on your back, shoulders, legs or arms, as needed. It only takes 20 minutes or less to relieve even some of the worst tension you’ve managed to build up in your muscles each day. And it is a hands-free device. Once you’ve applied the massage pads, you just relax and let it do its job.

Unlike other massage instruments, the massage mouse is preprogrammed with various massage signals that run at varying speeds to keep the sensations and speeds changing. This gives the most efficient relief for your muscles without ever becoming annoying. For individuals with muscle pain and tension, the massage mouse is perhaps the only way to obtain consistent relief from home, without breaking the bank.

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<![CDATA[Celebrities who use LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/best-cream-for-anti-aging/ Celebrities who use LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream

So, you want to know what is the best cream for anti-aging? Why not look to what celebrities use? Celebrities are photographed wherever they go. The flash of the camera, the angle of the shot; it all matters in how these pictures turn out. And they never know where they will find their own image next. Whether it is a picture in the newspaper, magazine, website, or a tabloid, celebrities have to put their best face forward every day.


Endlessly seeking a way to appear ageless and iconic, without the natural wrinkles and flaws that time brings to every face, celebrities hunt for the latest and greatest in skincare products. LifeCell is a breakthrough in skincare that has caught Hollywood by surprise.

LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream


Most anti-aging creams take weeks to start showing results. But LifeCell was designed to show instant results, as it hides wrinkles in a whole new way. In a quick 17 seconds, wrinkles are concealed with the light-reflecting properties inherent in the key ingredients in LifeCell.


Celebrities have a lot to say about this new product. Melora Hardin said, :Wow! This is great!" Joey Fatone said, :This is amazing. Wow!" When Paula Abdul tried it, she said, :Wow! It works...What a concept!" And AnnaLynne McCord said :Oh my...! I don't see wrinkles!"


Ashlan Gorse used it and right away said, :I totally see a difference. This is awesome." Jennifer Taylor remarked :Wow! What happened? It's great." Deirdre Hall is one who uses it regularly, saying, :I love it! I use it all the time." Chazz Palminteri remarked :This really works. My lines are smoother. I'll have my wife use it too." And finally, Christina Milian tried it and said, :This is amazing. I want one for my mother too."

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<![CDATA[Women and Hair Loss]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/woman-and-hair-loss/
For most women, the culprit is androgenetic alopecia. This means androgens (hormones) and genetics (heredity) are to blame for their hair loss. 30 million women in the U.S. are currently affected by androgenetic alopecia, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Therefore, physicians will generally first suspect androgenetic alopecia as a cause for a female patient’s hair loss and will first look for signs of this disorder. The patient will be asked about family history of female hair loss. Did mom or grandma suffer from it?

Then, the physician will look at her hair under magnification. A key indicator of androgenetic alopecia is hairs that vary in thickness, as hair follicles slowly shrink away in this condition. If hair size is uniform, then another cause for hair loss is likely.

Some other less common causes for female hair loss include autoimmune diseases (like alopecia areata which attacks the hair follicles directly), psoriasis, polycystic ovary syndrome, aggressive hair treatments (colorations, perms, etc.), and a stressful lifestyle. Stress should be managed in healthy ways to help reduce its impact on the body. Exercise, meditation, and rest are recommended.

Dietary concerns are sometimes factors contributing to hair loss in women. Some of the culprits include protein deficiency or excess, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and extreme dieting. Identifying any dietary contributors to hair loss can empower a woman to slow or, in some cases, stop her hair loss.]]>
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<![CDATA[Hair Loss and Stress]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/hair-loss-and-stress/
One example of how hair loss has been linked to stress is a disorder called alopecia areata. This autoimmune disease is a disease that causes the body to attack its own hair follicles. This may not be just hair on the scalp. Other connections to stress are a little more unsure, at this point.

For example, it is known that the hair follicles are surrounded by nerves. Nerve cells create certain substances like neuropeptides. One of these neuropeptides is called substance P. Substance P aids in the transmission process of the sensation of pain. If not functioning correctly, inflammation of the nerves and thus the hair follicles can be the result. Studies have shown that, in mice, the addition of substance P can impact the hair growth cycle, increasing growth.

A chemical released by nerves under stress, cortisol has been linked to illness and weight gain. In hair loss, a recent breakthrough discovery found that the hair follicles actually have extra adrenal sites for the synthesis of cortisol. This means that somehow, the stress response affects the hair follicle through cortisol.

Based on these facts, scientists continue to experiment with hair loss treatments that directly treat the nerves surrounding the hair follicles. For example, capsaicin has been used in scalp creams. A derivative of the chili pepper, capsaicin, stimulates the production of substance P and may thus stimulate hair growth, as it reduces inflammation of the nerves on the scalp. More research is needed to determine if anti-stress treatments can be effective in reducing or reversing hair loss.]]>
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<![CDATA[Hair Loss and Diet]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/hair-loss-and-diet/
True hair loss is usually caused by genetic and hormonal factors in the body. Sometimes excessive hair treatments, stress, and scalp diseases are connected to the hair loss. Diet is also a common partial cause of hair loss, even if the primary cause is genetic, because a poor diet can accelerate the balding process.

Zinc deficiencies have been linked to significant hair loss. Zinc is imperative for the health of the skin, including the areas containing the hair follicles. Without this key mineral, the hair follicles will suffer and hair will begin to fall out in patches.

Excessive animal protein and fat (burgers and hot dogs anyone?) have been linked to the acceleration of male pattern balding. Those who are already programmed to lose their hair, due to grandpa’s genes, will lose it much faster than they need to if they eat a poor diet and live a stressful lifestyle.

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other key nutrients are vital to the growth of healthy hair. The American diet is short on many of these and, depending on the individual’s eating patterns, may be missing some of these altogether. A lack of protein can cause hair loss, but this is rare in America, except among extreme dieters and vegans.

A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats is the preferred way to nourish the hair, not to mention the rest of the body. If you are suffering from hair loss, you may not be able to stop it, but you might slow it down with a healthy whole foods diet.]]>
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<![CDATA[Expert Advice on Hair Loss]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/expert-advice-on-hair-loss/ hair loss sufferers look to experts for advice.

Natural health practitioners have examined the American diet, to identify specific factors that can contribute to hair loss. A lack of protein is not common, in the American diet, but vegans and extreme dieters with too little of this nutrient may cause hair loss.

For most Americans, however, it is the excessive animal protein and animal fat that lead to excessive hair loss. Even those with genetic causes for hair loss may find their condition accelerated by a poor diet. The processed American diet is short on vitamins, minerals (like zinc), and other key nutrients needed for healthy hair. Excessive salt, often coming along with the animal proteins and fats, also add to the problem.

Another area that needs to be addressed, by those looking for help with hair loss, is scalp health. Do you suffer from dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, or any other scalp condition? These can not only affect the scalp but will affect the hair follicles within the scalp, if extensive enough. This means that the inflammation caused by the condition can damage the hair follicles and thus limit hair growth.

Experts agree that a well-rounded, nutritious diet, a healthy means of managing stress, and the treatment of any scalp conditions can give an individual the best chance at slowing hair loss. Beyond that, hair loss sufferers must go to the professionals to seek treatment for the hair loss they’ve already sustained.]]>
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<![CDATA[What is Male Pattern Baldness?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/what-is-male-pattern-baldness/
Testosterone, a male hormone (or androgen) combines with the enzyme 5 alpha reductase to produce DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). In many men, there is a greater than normal production of DHT in the body, causing these men to suffer from hair loss in the form of male pattern balding.

DHT makes a waxy substance at the base of the hair follicle, which weakens, slows, and eventually ends hair growth. The hair loss associated with DHT is typically permanent hair loss.

Male pattern baldness, as a result of the way DHT functions, tends to follow a few basic patterns. Generally, male pattern balding begins with a receding hairline, followed by a bald spot in the back slowly growing to meet the still receding hair line at the front.

This leaves a man with hair just surrounding the bottom of the head, though some men lose part of this as well. While it is a common condition, male pattern balding does lead to self-esteem issues, anxiety, and depression in some men. Treatment for male pattern balding can be DHT blockers to stop further loss and/or hair restoration.]]>
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<![CDATA[What is Female Pattern Balding?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/what-is-female-pattern-balding/ hair loss in women is actually relatively common.

True, it is more common in older women and is thus associated with aging, but much of that has to do with hormonal changes. In menopause, a woman stops ovulating. Ovulation causes the release of estrogen, the female hormone, into the body.

When menopause takes place, a woman not only produces less estrogen but actually produces more of the male hormone, testosterone. All women produce some testosterone. But, after menopause, the ratio of testosterone to estrogen increases significantly.

Many women will experience a deepening of the voice, courser facial hair, and hair loss, following menopause. However, testosterone alone is not the culprit. In fact it is the combination of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme, with testosterone that produces DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), the cause of 95% of hair loss in both men and women.

While genetics play a role in how much DHT a woman produces, there are a few other rarer causes for hair loss in women. Some skin diseases can cause scarring of the hair follicles, leading to permanent hair loss. Unusually tight hair styles like cornrows, ponytails, or braids can lead to temporary hair loss.

Nutrient deficiencies, chemotherapy, and beta blockers can all cause temporary hair loss as well. These forms of temporary hair loss will repair naturally, with the reversal of the causal factor. But the permanent hair loss resulting from DHT production can only be resolved with hair replacement.]]>
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<![CDATA[What is DHT?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/what-is-dht/ hair loss. What happens in hair loss is the androgen testosterone interacts with the 5 alpha reductase, an enzyme, producing DHT.

Down inside the hair follicle, at the base of each individual strand of hair, is a structure called the dermal papilla. The papilla is a clump of rapidly multiplying cells. It contains receptors for androgens, more so in men than in women.

However, some women develop more DHT than some men. Women are susceptible to female pattern balding, if they produce an unusual amount of DHT. Men who produce less than most men tend to maintain their hair throughout life.

DHT blocks the papilla’s ability to absorb the all-important nutrients, like protein and vitamins that hair needs to grow properly. With DHT, a waxy substance, in the way, the hair follicle will slow hair production, until it stops.

DHT also causes miniaturization, the process whereby thick strands of hair slowly become more fine and weak. This, like the slowing of hair growth, occurs in balding as well. 95% of all hair loss is a result of excessive DHT production inside the hair follicle.]]>
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<![CDATA[What is Alopecia Areata?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/what-is-alopecia-areata/
Alopecia areata, like standard male pattern or female pattern balding, is usually a temporary hair loss condition, but can cause permanent hair loss in some. The reason for the hair loss is actually an autoimmune disorder. Fortunately, for those who are diagnosed with alopecia areata, this autoimmune disease is not serious like Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, or Celiac Disease, although it can be connected with them.

Instead of attacking some vital internal structure of the body, this autoimmune disease causes the immune system to attack hair follicles. The hair follicles contain a papilla, a clump of rapidly multiplying cells that combine protein with other nutrients to make the hair grow.

The immune cells attack the hair follicle at the papilla, effectively ending the production of hair. This condition can run in families and generally shows up in childhood with patches of missing hair or overall thinning. Half of these patients will outgrow the condition within a year, but others may require treatment with steroid products or even hair replacement.

Primarily, alopecia areata affects the scalp. But it can also affect hair on the body. The cause of this disorder is still unknown, but it is suspected to be a result of genetic heredity.]]>
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<![CDATA[How Fast Hair Grows]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/how-fast-hair-grows/
Hair grows at a rate of about 1.25 centimeters, or half an inch, per month. This can range up to an inch a month per person, but for most people it is about half an inch.

The year total is about 6 inches, which is why growing out your hair, after a short haircut, is such a challenge. It takes a great deal of patience to go from a pixie hair cut to a shoulder-length cut, usually several months, a year, or longer.

So what makes hair grow at the rate it does? Cell division. It’s hard to speed up the process of cell division, when the cells creating your hair are already some of the fastest multiplying cells in all of your body.

Unfortunately, rather than speed up, this cell division process will generally slow down with age. For some hair follicles, on some individuals, the hair growth stops altogether, causing hair loss. For those who keep some or all of their hair, however, hair growth can still slow to about 0.25 of a centimeter or 0.1 of an inch per month.]]>
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<![CDATA[Genetics of Hair Color]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/genetics-of-hair-color/
True hair color is actually a very interesting thing. It develops from within the hair follicle, where melanin of two types forms the color: eumelanin and pheomelanin. The more the melanin, in general, the darker the hair.

Melanin is something that does not remain completely constant over a person’s lifetime. Many white blond children become adults with dark blonde hair. Light brown hair can darken into a deep brunette. Or, dark hair can even lighten, especially during the aging process. And individual strands can be of different colors.

The Fischer-Saller scale is a scale that measures the color of human hair. It is a scale used in the fields of medicine and anthropology to determine shades of hair color. A, for example, represents light blond. B-L covers shades of blond.

M to O represents shades of dark blond. P to T covers a range of brown hair. U to Y goes from dark brown to black. Red is covered with Roman numerals. I-IV describes shades of red, while V-VI is a range of red blond.

Pheomelanin is responsible for coloring hair red. Eumelanin has two subtypes of brown or black. The eumelanin determines the darkness of the shade. When hair is bleached, it often takes on a reddish tinge because the phemelanin breaks down more slowly than the eumelanin. This is part of why temporarily changing hair color is a rather delicate process.]]>
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<![CDATA[Disorders and Inhibitors of Hair Growth]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/disorders-and-inhibitors-of-hair-growth/ hair growth slows and eventually ceases to grow, based on the levels of hormones in the blood. But this natural and common retardation of hair growth is not the only possible cause.

Chemotherapy is infamous for causing hair loss, eventually leaving a person completely bald. This problem can be reversed, at the end of chemotherapy treatment, but what causes it in the first place?

Cancer treatment is intended to attack cells that replicate quickly. Cancer cells multiply quickly and are thus targeted by the chemotherapy drugs. The cells that cause hair growth are some of the fastest replicating cells in the body. For this reason, chemotherapy drugs also target the cells at the root of each hair follicle, ending hair growth until approximately three months or more after treatment.

Another cause of hair growth retardation is called Alopecia. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease known for causing the hair follicle to leave the growth phase and enter the non-growth phase or telogen phase. This can slow or stop hair growth.

One way women get this disease is by too much strain on the hair. Tight ponytails or other tension-based hairdos are sometimes the cause of this disorder of the hair follicle. Strangely, sometimes very fine short hair will grow in the place of regular head hair that has been pulled too tight for too long.]]>
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<![CDATA[Body Hair vs Head Hair]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/body-hair-vs-head-hair/
First, one has to understand that hair grows in stages. The anagen phase, referred to as the growth phase, is the longest phase of hair growth.

It is during this anagen phase that the hair actually grows. When it stops, it is because the hair has entered into the catagen phase, in which the hair follicle solidifies the inside end of the hair and ceases to grow.

The telogen phase is a rest period in which there is no hair growth. On the body, this phase lasts for a very long time, meaning that once the eyebrow hairs, for example, have grown to a certain length, they stop growing and stay put.

In head hair, the telogen phase is much shorter and the anagen phase is so long, it can last from 2 to 6 years. This means that the hair follicle will actively grow for as long as 6 years before it stops growing. The amount of hair that is in any given phase varies, so that hair appears evenly distributed and consistent on human beings.

In dogs and other animals that shed, the timing of the telogen phase is synchronized so that multiple hair follicles release the hair by the roots all at once, causing clumps of hair to fall out. Thankfully, this condition is reserved for animals outside our species.]]>
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<![CDATA[Facts and Fiction about Hair Loss #2]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/facts-and-fiction-2/
Fiction: If you shave your head, the hair will come back stronger and fuller than before. Fact: This myth, which is still popular today, comes from the fact that when the hair first begins to grow out from being shaved, it feels firmer. This is because it is in short little spikes, however, and as it grows out, it will prove to be the same as before. The problem is, it takes a while to grow it back out, up to a year for just six inches.

“Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!” Fiction: Marsha, a character on the Brady Bunch made famous the old myth that brushing your hair 100 strokes per day will make your hair grow faster and healthier. Fact: Unfortunately, Hollywood isn’t known for its accuracy and brushing your hair that much will just cause more breaks and damage to the hair. Just brush it enough to smooth and detangle it and quit while you’re ahead.

Fiction: Over-treating, perming, or coloring your hair will eventually cause permanent hair loss. Fact: While spending too much time and money at the salon can certainly cause damage to the hair, and even cause temporary hair loss, there is no evidence that it will ever cause permanent hair loss. Hair is just thin and fragile and can only take so much before it breaks or falls off. But, be assured that more hair will grow in its place, if this is the case.

Fiction: Except for rare cases like genetic disorders, women don’t suffer from real hair loss. Fact: Unfortunately, 40% of women actually suffer notable hair thinning as they get older. Many will lose enough to expose more scalp than is desirable. However, there are treatments for women who suffer hair loss, just as there are treatments for men.]]>
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<![CDATA[Facts and Fiction about Hair Loss #1]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/facts-and-fiction-hairloss/
Fiction: A brush is safer to use than a comb, for preventing hair loss. Fact: A comb doesn’t pull the hair quite as much as a brush does, reducing potential damage. So the comb is actually better if it works for you. That being said, either can cause damage if used too much. The idea is to just briefly get the tangles out and let the hair alone.

Fiction: Getting your hair trimmed regularly will cause it to grow faster. Fact: In reality, your hair only grows about an inch a month no matter what you do. If you trim your hair too frequently, you will find that it is much harder to get it to the length you want.

Fiction: If you’re getting several strands of hair on the hairbrush, on the shower floor, or on your pillow, you are heading for baldness. Fact: It is within the normal range to lose up to 50 strands per day. This is a natural part of the hair growth process as some fall out and more begin to grow. If, however, you are actually losing chunks of hair, or are beginning to see noticeable areas of exposed scalp, both of these are genuine signs of balding.

Fiction: Hair loss happens because you’re not taking enough vitamins. Fact: Well, actually, this one is a slight possibility. While most people suffer hair loss due to genetics, the DHT hormone, or illness, it is possible to lose hair because of a lack of proper nutrients in the diet. But, for most people, this is not the case. Vitamins are required for healthy hair growth, but a lot of our vitamins come out of the food we eat anyway. In other words, taking a vitamin supplement is not likely at all to solve your hair loss problems.

Fiction: Here’s a good one- Standing on your head will reduce hair loss, because it brings more blood flow to the head and scalp. Fact: Standing on your head will increase blood flow to the head, likely causing a headache after more than a few seconds, but will not contribute anything to hair growth. If you’re suffering from hair loss, consulting a professional is probably a better idea.]]>
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<![CDATA[Hair Loss in History, Early 1900’s]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/hair-loss-1900s/
Early hair loss “experts” of the day recommended that men cease to wear hats, to allow the scalp to breathe, allowing it to bask in the sun and air. But that suggestion didn’t come close to the preposterousness of the 1905 solution of the Evans Vacuum Cap, a suction device placed on the scalp to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the area.

Technology only got more serious, for hair restoration purposes, as the next product was the “Master Violet Ray” and the “Super Marvel.” These were combs made of clear glass that contained gas. The comb was electrified and glowed purple when rubbed against the scalp. These devices managed to fool people until the 1950’s.

Perhaps Bernarr MacFadden brought more honesty into the industry when he stated that there is more “quackery” relating to hair loss, than in any other field of medicine or for any other ailment. He stated that both medical doctors and drug and lotion manufacturers were to blame for their useless products.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t much more accurate than the rest when he stated that most hair loss is due to being in poor physical condition and by not keeping the scalp clean. His solution? Massage the scalp, pull on the hair regularly, and brush the scalp hard and fast.

Scalp cleansing, blue crystal lights, suction and scalp massage remained the order of the day until finally, Dr. Shoji Okuda, of Japan, published a hair transplant method that actually worked to some degree. After World War II, his methods became known in the U.S. as well.

Prepared to take it to the next level, Dr. Norman Orentreich of New York City transplanted 10 grafts of hair-growing skin onto the scalp of a man who was bald in front. The transplanted skin continued to grow hair and Dr. Orentreich excitedly submitted his results for publishing, which were rejected by journal reviewers who stated that his purported results were impossible. And so the battle for hair restoration continued.]]>
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<![CDATA[Hair Loss in History, 1600’s – 1800’s]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/hair-loss-1600s-1800s/ hair loss. Because of his example, other French royalty began to follow suit, even if they weren’t suffering from hair loss. Wigs began to represent power.

As time wore on, the wigs got thicker, longer, and higher until powdered wigs became the norm in French courts. King Charles II, of England, was exiled in Versailles, France, until 1660. He was restored to the throne that year and brought with him the powdered wig trend.

The 1700’s brought the powdered wig over the ocean to the American colonies, still connected to the mother country and following the customs of England. It is incredible to realize it all started with one balding king who wanted to cover his bare head. But after America fought for independence and following the war with the French, Americans grew to dislike the wigs. Only judges held the tradition.

During the 1800’s, there were all kinds of concoctions developed and sold for hair loss, such as snake oil. Snake oil became a joke name for all useless hair restoration tinctures like “East India Oil Hair Restoration” and “Mrs. Allen’s World Hair Restorer.”

An old remedy of 1801, “Barry’s Tricopherous,” was still on the shelves in Central America in the 1970’s. That may sound amazing and make the customers seem naïve, but there are similar false remedies being developed, packaged, and sold by the thousands all over the US today.

But not all treatments in the 1800’s were sold in bottles. A popular home remedy in England was to soak the scalp with Indian tea, followed by a brisk rubbing of lemon juice on the bare scalp. Of course, it doesn’t work, but it was used on a wide scale in the 1850’s. The 1800’s failed to produce any helpful remedies for hair loss. But the history is still interesting.]]>
Fri, 23 Sep 2011 17:13:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Hair Loss in History, B.C.]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/hair-loss-in-history/
In 420 BC, Hippocrates of Greece worked away on his own hair loss, seeking the solution that would finally work. At last, he was the first to come up with a surgical solution that was actually effective. His herbal mixtures did not work, but he continued to experiment until his own balding was so complete, the term “Hippocrates baldness” became a way of describing significant baldness, a term still used today.

Hippocrates noted that Eunuchs, castrated around or before puberty, never suffered hair loss. He explained this with the theory that virile men had “hot blood” which caused them to go bald and that eunuchs, demasculinated by the removal of the testes, did not have that “hot blood,” and thus did not lose their hair.

We now know the reason for this phenomenon. A lack of sufficient testosterone and the hormone DHT will prevent hair loss. But castration is probably not a solution for most men. So the work towards a cure continues.

In 44 BC, Ancient Rome valued a full head of hair. Julias Caesar, in spite of his power and fame, was so devastated by his own hair loss that he obsessed about it. He grew his hair long in the back and combed it over the top of his head. But, as this was not very effective, he began to wear laurel wreaths around his head to hide his baldness.

Whenever Caesar’s enemies were captured in war, he would have their hair removed as a sign of shame. It makes one wonder what he thought of himself. To this day, depictions of Julias Caesar generally include a laurel wreath on his head, his trademark accessory, which unfortunately did nothing to hide the fact that he was suffering from hair loss.]]>
Wed, 21 Sep 2011 17:11:45 +0000
<![CDATA[Hair Loss in History, an Introduction]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/hair-loss-history/ hair loss treatment has been sought after for centuries of human history. Balding goes as far back as we know, and it has rarely been considered a good thing.

History provides an interesting array of remedies and techniques for slowing or reversing hair loss. However, the vast majority of these are completely useless. But sufferers of hair loss are often willing to try almost anything, with the hopes of bringing back the head of hair they had in their youth.

Even today, hair loss remedies that offer no scientific or validated evidence of their effectiveness are sold on a vast scale. People want a quick and cheap solution to a problem that causes them daily frustration and embarrassment.

Back in 3000 BC, upper class citizens of Middle Eastern countries, like Persia and Greece, wore wigs to cover baldness. There were also concoctions sold for the purpose of treating hair loss, however ineffective. A medical compendium at this time offered a prescription for a hair loss remedy for physicians to administer to their balding patients.

In 1553 BC, the Ebers Papyrus of Egypt carried on some of the medical information from that same compendium. A complete medical text, it covered all kinds of infirmities. A prescription for hair loss included fat from crocodiles, hippos, lions, and snakes, iron oxide, honey, red lead, onions, and alabaster.

An incantation or prayer, specifically worded in the text, was meant to invoke the aid of the Sun God in restoring the patient’s hair. While certainly detailed, this treatment failed to help anyone, and the search for a hair loss cure went on.]]>
Tue, 20 Sep 2011 17:10:45 +0000
<![CDATA[Historical Factoids on Baldness]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/factoids-on-baldness/
In the bible, Elisha was teased by some young children as he walked down the road. They said to him, “Go on up, you baldhead!” In Leviticus, it describes the notion that when a man has lost the top of his hair, he is clean.

In ancient Egypt, as in Rome and Greece, there were many ointments and salves sold for the purpose of preserving hair, or in hopes of growing it back. In the early history of the Middle East, balding was considered a sign of the loss of a man’s virility, and brought shame.

It is an old tale that Caesar used to wear his ceremonial laurel wreaths casually around town, as he was embarrassed about his baldness. Interestingly, when he conquered an enemy in battle, he would have the enemy’s hair cut off, to demonstrate submission.

Hippocrates, in 400 B.C., used a tincture of pigeon droppings, cumin, horseradish, and nettles to prevent balding in men. Unfortunately, the mixture had no effect whatsoever, other than that it was disgusting for his patients to use. Fortunately, modern times have brought with them effective and far less repulsive means for treating hair loss.]]>
Fri, 16 Sep 2011 17:09:38 +0000
<![CDATA[The Natural Process of Male-Pattern Baldness]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/natural-process-of-male-pattern-baldness/ classes of baldness, in men.

Starting with Classification I, the adolescent hairline is fairly low and flat across the top of the forehead. While many men may fondly remember this hairline from their high school days, it is not, in fact, the norm for a healthy hair line in the adult years, not even in a man’s 20’s.

In the 20’s, a man either moves to Class II or II A. The first involves two receding curves, leaving a midline section behind. The second occurs when the whole top recedes together, leaving a relatively straight line across the receding edge of hair. Neither of these qualifies as balding, as a man may simply settle into one of these “mature” hairlines and keep it for life.

However, if the receding continues, Class III indicates a more dramatic recession of the two curved sections of hair, with the midline beginning to trail behind. In Class III Vertex, this happens in combination with a bald patch (a vertex) also forming in the back. The last in level III is III A, in which the straight line moves further back on the head with no vertex.

Class IV involves the two receding curves nearly joining a new small patch of baldness in the back. Class V is even more advanced, with the midline section nearly gone. IV A occurs when one large oval shaped receding line has gone back beyond the mid-point on top of the head.

In VI, some of the hair on the sides still comes up almost to the crown of the head, while the bald patch extends from the front to the back, above the ears. Class VII leaves only a small stretch of hair from above each ear, wrapping around the back of the head. In VA, the single receding curve stops at about the back top of the head, leaving the rest of the hair around it intact.]]>
Wed, 14 Sep 2011 16:00:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Baldness in Women]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/balness-in-women/
It seems shocking to think that women can lose their hair as they age. Most women, while their hair may thin some, do not lose their hair or suffer significant thinning. Many people think only men suffer from baldness.

While male-pattern baldness is by far the most common form of baldness, women can suffer from baldness too. Women can lose their hair in a slow thinning process that is different from the receding hairline, in men.

In fact, it may only start with extra hair coming off on the hair brush in the morning. The scalp may slowly become more visible, in-between strands of hair. Eventually, the hair may become noticeably thin, usually around the crown of the head.

Over time, if not treated, this condition can continue to worsen. Over time, the thinning hair becomes nothing but several strands over a clearly visible scalp. Finally, the entire top of the head can end up bare.

In female balding, there are various causes, one of them being called “traction alopecia,” which is baldness resulting from the regular pulling of tight braids or ponytails. Others lose hair due to health problems, or just the luck of the gene pool. Women who suffer from hair loss can benefit from hair restoration surgery and other hair restoration procedures.]]>
Mon, 12 Sep 2011 15:59:03 +0000
<![CDATA[A Brief History of Hair Transplant Surgery]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/history-of-hair-transplant/
Another dermatologist, in Japan, was inspired by the work of Dr. Okuda and wanted to improve the already successful method, to make it even more effective. Instead of taking larger patches of hair-producing skin, he would take just one to three hairs, per graft, for better results.

The United States, estranged from Japan during World War II, was not aware of these surgical advancements and thus these procedures did not arrive to the states for quite some time afterwards. It wasn’t until the 1950’s, when the first hair transplant procedure took place in the United States, performed by Dr. Norman Orentreich.

Orentreich’s procedure was designed to help with male pattern baldness, but like Dr. Okuda before him, he used too large of a section for grafting. This led to unnatural-looking results. These results were so unnatural that the public shunned the surgery.

Very few individuals opted for hair transplant surgery through the next few decades, until the 1990s. At last, follicular unit transplantation was developed, allowing for the transplantation of single hair follicles at a time, leading to more natural results. Today, hair transplantation surgery is a viable option for those who suffer from baldness.]]>
Thu, 08 Sep 2011 15:55:12 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #10: Don’t Ever Eat Dessert]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/weight-loss-myth-10/
It is a known fact that even when artificial sweeteners are consumed, they affect weight loss, at least to a small degree. This is because when the taste buds recognize sweetness, they send a warning message directly to the brain.

The brain, in turn, sends a message to the pancreas to release an initial burst of insulin. This is done to protect against the danger of excess blood sugar. Once the artificially sweetened food actually reaches the blood, however, there is no real sugar, unless it comes with other carbohydrates.

The benefit, in this case, is that a second release of insulin will not occur. The second release usually causes more damage to weight loss efforts than the first alone, as the processed calories are quickly moved to the fat cells for storage due to the insulin release.

The bottom line for sweet foods is that they are an enjoyable part of our diets, but should be consumed in moderation. And it is far better for weight-loss efforts and blood sugar-levels to eat a scoop of no-sugar-added ice cream than a double scoop of regular ice cream at the local ice cream shop. Enjoy a small dessert from time to time to make your day more enjoyable and to keep from losing your diet resolve. Just keep it within reason and your waistline will thank you.]]>
Tue, 30 Aug 2011 18:07:30 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #9: Weight is Just a Number]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/weight-loss-myth-9/
It is true that weighing too often can be the sign of a budding eating disorder, or that someone is obsessing over weight. But, in general, we have to have some way of measuring weight loss success or failure. We need to know, from one day to the next, if something we are doing is working or not.

The scale is the best measure we have, and is affordable for most individuals to have in their bathroom at home. Dieters need reinforcement. Knowing that you have lost a pound since two days ago is a motivator unlike any other.

If, on the other hand, you are dieting and exercising and don’t really know how you are doing, it is easier to cheat or become discouraged. In addition, it is important to catch it early when something you are doing is having a negative impact on your weight.

For example, perhaps you have introduced a new food into your diet that you thought would be healthy enough, but your weight has slowly started to climb. Or, maybe you didn’t realize you’ve been spreading a lot more peanut butter on your toast than you were the first few weeks of your diet. The scale, in these cases, is your diet ally because it will tell you if something you are doing is not working.

Don’t be afraid to use a scale as a part of your diet regimen. Just keep in mind that you want to weigh yourself in the morning, before you eat, and without any clothes. If you do this consistently every day, you can easily track your weight loss progress in the most accurate way possible.]]>
Thu, 25 Aug 2011 18:06:48 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #8: Don’t Snack Between Meals]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/weight-loss-myth-8/
The answer is, ‘It depends.’ If you are eating sufficient calories, or even excess calories, in your three meals per day alone, then snacking at all would be a bad idea. Anything you eat beyond your daily allowance will end up on your hips, literally.

On the other hand, if you are eating light and healthy meals, under your daily allowance of calories, you can maintain your energy levels, metabolism, and blood sugar by eating nutritious low-calorie snacks between meals.

Snacking can prevent slumps in energy, caused by low blood sugar, which can lead to cravings for unhealthy foods. Also, healthy low-carb snacking keeps blood sugar levels balanced, preventing excessive hunger. This can help prevent bingeing at meal times.

For those who follow a nutritious, low carbohydrate, diet, snacking is important because the natural foods that support this kind of diet are not loaded with calories. This means that maintaining energy throughout the day will require some snacking here and there.

It could be as simple as a snack of broccoli and carrots with dip, a light yogurt with a sprinkle of low-sugar granola, or a piece of fresh fruit. This kind of snacking is supportive of a healthy diet and can help people with their weight-loss efforts by preventing overeating at meals.]]>
Tue, 23 Aug 2011 18:06:13 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #7: Fruit is Bad for your Diet]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/weight-loss-myth-7/
The human body does best on a plant-based diet, with vegetables, whole grains, and fruits as the primary sources of nutrition. Eating meat sparingly is also good for the body. But many dieters skip the fruits for fear that it will be too much sugar.

Studies continue to demonstrate that the vitamins and nutrients found in fruits are better absorbed and utilized, by the body, than multivitamin tablets or other unnatural sources. They also help to prevent cancer and other diseases.

Certain fruits have also been identified as having surprising benefits. For example, blueberries have phytonutrients that boost mental function. With so many different fruits that offer helpful benefits, it would be a shame to eliminate them from the diet.

In fact, those who do follow a low-carbohydrate diet whether for weight loss or maintenance, maintaining blood sugar levels, or for health reasons, can eat fruit. Berries, for example, are quite low in sugar and, when eaten in the morning, optimally benefit the body. The body is better able to burn off the small amount of sugar in the morning and use it for fuel.

Later in the evening, it is a good idea to stick to a nice salad or steamed vegetables with some grilled fish or chicken, as the body is less able to burn off the little bit of sugar in the fruit. It is recommended to enjoy 2 or 3 servings of fruit per day, earlier in the day, generally avoiding high-sugar varieties like pineapple or mango. It is also recommended to avoid canned fruits as these are very high in sugar. Frozen is great, but fresh is best, when possible.]]>
Fri, 19 Aug 2011 18:05:42 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #6: The Atkins Diet is Bad for You]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/weight-loss-myth-6/
However, when carbohydrates are scarce, the body can kick into ketosis, in which the kidneys produce ketones. These ketones are part of the process of digesting protein into usable energy. At first, it is a big change for the body. This is the primary source of the controversy.

However, once the individual has been maintaining a lower-carbohydrate diet for some time, the body settles into a routine of utilizing protein for fuel. It is a much slower-burning fuel, taking more time and energy to break it down, meaning far less fat storage in the body. This also means more sustained energy throughout the day.

In fact, when carbohydrates enter the body, in sufficient quantities, they quickly move into the bloodstream as blood sugar. Blood sugar levels are spiked, triggering a release of insulin. Insulin’s job, in the body, is to clear out excess levels of blood sugar and move it into storage.

When the pancreas releases insulin into the bloodstream, the insulin in turn triggers the opening of the fat cells to receive the blood sugar fuel, to be stored as fat in the body. This rebalances the blood sugar levels or, at times, even drops them too low, leaving the individual hungry again too soon. This is a recipe for excessive eating.

The true Atkins diet encourages the eating of a good deal of leafy greens and other nutritious vegetables which are low in carbs but high in nutrients. The slow-burning energy they provide is natural to the human diet, as we benefit most from plant-sources of certain nutrients.

Yes, existing on steak, sausage, and bacon would indeed be an unhealthy diet choice. But those who truly educate themselves on the Atkins diet learn that healthy choices are very much a part of the recommendations and that when followed religiously, the Atkins diet is very effective for weight loss and weight maintenance.]]>
Wed, 17 Aug 2011 18:04:51 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #5: Fat-Free Foods are a Great Way to Lose Weight]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/weight-loss-myth-5/ weight loss?

The body stores excess calories, usually from fat, sugar, and other carbs, based on two things: The amount of calories consumed and the type of calories consumed. Interestingly, two items with the same amount of calories can have a completely different impact on a dieter’s success.

This is because of the impact on blood sugar. Carbohydrates are broken down more quickly, than other sources of energy, into sugar in the blood. Sugar, of course, has the same effect as other simple carbohydrates.

Rice is an example of how a carbohydrate can have the same impact on the blood sugar, and thus fat storage, as eating spoonfuls of actual sugar. Processed rice is so easily converted into simple sugars that it causes a spike in blood sugar levels, leading to the pancreas releasing excess insulin to get it back under control.

Insulin is one of the great enemies to weight loss. White bread and potatoes trigger the release of insulin, as they are also quickly processed into blood sugar. So, even though Entamenn’s pastries are fat-free, the sugar content and highly processed carbohydrates of what once began as wheat are enough to send blood sugar levels soaring, sabotaging even the best of dieting efforts.

Those fat free rice cakes? Low calorie or not, they have a very high impact on blood sugar. Fat free sweets, like Swedish Fish or gummy bears, cause more of a spike in blood sugar than more fatty goodies like chocolate and ice cream. The body simply converts the excess sugar calories into fat storage, with the help of insulin. So, if you’re going to treat yourself, eat the real deal. Just keep it to a small portion, following a nice meal with vegetables and protein, and you’ll be able to maintain your weight loss efforts.]]>
Mon, 15 Aug 2011 17:24:02 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #4: Sugar-Free Foods are Guilt-Free]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/weight-loss-myth-4/
Sugar-free products are still, in large part, sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Aspartame is known for its negatives, but is still used largely because it is one of the few alternatives available to those who are watching sugar intake.

Splenda, a chemically-processed reduced form of real sugar has become a second popular sweetener. Many drinks and food items are now sweetened with Splenda.

Sugar alcohols like maltitol and xylitol are natural sweeteners that are not digested like normal sugar. However, because they are not easily digested, they also come with the drawback of a laxative effect. Many people also get uncomfortable gas, diarrhea, and indigestion, especially when consumed in more than small amounts.

Sugar alcohols are found in many gum varieties and in most sugar-free candies that come in bags. For example, Russell Stovers sugar-free chocolate candies are all sweetened with sugar alcohols.

Finally, Stevia is the latest sensation, a natural sweetener that comes from a plant. It hasn’t found its way into many products yet, but is available for cooking and sweetening at home.

The problem with all artificial sweeteners and sugar-alternatives is that the taste buds still send a signal to the brain that there is incoming sugar (sweet), so the brain reacts by triggering a release of insulin. Insulin is what causes the storage of most fat, because it rushes the excess calories into storage to reduce blood sugar. So, even if you aren’t consuming actual sugar, you still suffer some of the diet-busting effects of it, if you include a lot of sugar-free foods in your diet.]]>
Fri, 12 Aug 2011 17:23:24 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #3: You Need to Eat Breakfast as Soon as you Wake Up]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/wight-loss-myth-3/
Many of us wake up not yet feeling hungry. That’s probably a good thing. You don’t necessarily want to start eating as soon as you get up. Give your body a chance to start moving around and let it tell you when you need to eat.

As long as you eat something within 2-3 hours of waking up, you won’t really affect your metabolism for the day. You may even avoid extra calories by eating a light yogurt with berries at 8 instead of 6, because if you eat the yogurt at 6, you’ll probably be hungry by 8.

Another important consideration about breakfast is to make sure you have some protein and a small amount of healthy low-sugar carbs like berries or whole grain cereal. Granola is an excellent choice, in small amounts, only if you find a lower sugar variety or make your own.

Granola and even high-fiber whole grain cereals are often loaded with sugar. Check the labels. Reading the nutrition facts can save you a lot of calories, sugar, and less-than-rewarding diet results. Watch out for high levels of carbohydrates and sugar and low levels of fiber. Eating a natural-based diet will help you avoid a lot of processed foods that can ruin your breakfast and your day of healthy dieting.]]>
Tue, 09 Aug 2011 17:22:31 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #2: The Diet is not Important; Just Exercise]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/weight-loss-myth-2/ weight loss. People on diets that forsake all bread and grain products, sugars, and even fruit and starchy vegetables do experience significant weight loss.

However, that being said, many low-carb dieters eat a lot of steak, eggs, hot dogs, bacon, and sausage to fill the void of a varied and flavorful diet. These are products that are loaded with sodium, fat, and preservatives. People think, falsely, that they can eat as much of these things as they want, if they just avoid carbs. But fat is fat, no matter how you slice it. It still impacts the heart and body in the same way.

In addition, dieters who follow Atkins and other low-to-no carb plans are missing out on vitally important antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, naturally found in fruits and whole grain products. Even starchy vegetables have health benefits to offer.

There is another way. One can gain the benefits of a low-carb diet, by doing just that- eating a low (not no) carb diet. A little bit of fruit and light yogurt in the morning, along with some low-sugar granola or oatmeal, can give you energy, vitamins, probiotics, and brain-boosting antioxidants.

A healthy salad for lunch that has a low-carb dressing, like ranch, and is piled with a variety of colorful vegetables is very good for the body and for weight loss. Strict low carb diets recommend skipping the carrots, beets, and even peas. However, these vegetables have numerous important benefits that far outweigh the tiny portion of carbs they add to the salad.

Finally, a nutritious dinner with nice hot vegetables and a reasonably portioned protein like fish or poultry is a great way to end the day. Keeping your small amount of carbs to the morning and tapering down to a very low-carb dinner can maximize your weight loss benefits.]]>
Fri, 05 Aug 2011 17:09:14 +0000
<![CDATA[Weight Loss Myth #1: Carbs Should be Off Limits]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/wight-loss-myth-1/ weight loss. People on diets that forsake all bread and grain products, sugars, and even fruit and starchy vegetables do experience significant weight loss.

However, that being said, many low-carb dieters eat a lot of steak, eggs, hot dogs, bacon, and sausage to fill the void of a varied and flavorful diet. These are products that are loaded with sodium, fat, and preservatives. People think, falsely, that they can eat as much of these things as they want, if they just avoid carbs. But fat is fat, no matter how you slice it. It still impacts the heart and body in the same way.

In addition, dieters who follow Atkins and other low-to-no carb plans are missing out on vitally important antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, naturally found in fruits and whole grain products. Even starchy vegetables have health benefits to offer.

There is another way. One can gain the benefits of a low-carb diet, by doing just that- eating a low (not no) carb diet. A little bit of fruit and light yogurt in the morning, along with some low-sugar granola or oatmeal, can give you energy, vitamins, probiotics, and brain-boosting antioxidants.

A healthy salad for lunch that has a low-carb dressing, like ranch, and is piled with a variety of colorful vegetables is very good for the body and for weight loss. Strict low carb diets recommend skipping the carrots, beets, and even peas. However, these vegetables have numerous important benefits that far outweigh the tiny portion of carbs they add to the salad.

Finally, a nutritious dinner with nice hot vegetables and a reasonably portioned protein like fish or poultry is a great way to end the day. Keeping your small amount of carbs to the morning and tapering down to a very low-carb dinner can maximize your weight loss benefits.]]>
Wed, 03 Aug 2011 17:07:56 +0000
<![CDATA[Building Vs. Toning]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/building-vs-toning/
If you are interested in creating a physique with larger muscles you will need to adjust your weight lifting techniques. Techniques for building bigger biceps and other specific parts of the body include using heavier weights and fewer reps than ordinary fitness routine workouts.

If you are interested in creating a toner physique and do not want to increase your muscle size much there are specific workout methods designed for that too. Many women worry that they will create large muscles if they use heavy weights. Women with small builds can actually use heavier weights than the average 5-pound weights to create a quick toned build and use smaller weights with many reps to stay toned without building muscle.

A personal fitness trainer can work with to design specific workouts for your unique body type. Diet and the amount of workouts per week can also affect how your body develops.]]>
Fri, 29 Jul 2011 02:59:52 +0000
<![CDATA[Protein Foods]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/protien-foods/
Egg Whites: An egg yolk is the part of the egg that is high in fat and cholesterol, but the egg white is both lean and rich in muscle building protein. An egg white omelet loaded with vegetables is a perfect meal before a morning work out session.

Chicken breast: Skip the red meat and cook a lean chicken breast. Broil or boiling chicken without oil or fatty seasonings will create a great lunch or dinner when paired with fresh vegetables.

Yogurt: Avoid yogurts high in sugar and look for plain Greek yogurt. These varieties have many health benefits in addition to their protein content. They can be eaten as a meal with fruit and whole oats or used as a dip with vegetables or meat.

Supplements, like protein shakes, can be used as a meal replacement or a light snack. Be sure that you are eating the appropriate amount of protein for your size, weight and activity level. Too much or too little of this substance can decrease your muscle mass.]]>
Wed, 27 Jul 2011 02:58:18 +0000
<![CDATA[Differences Between Supplements and Nutrients]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/differences-between-supplements/
Natural vitamins are the best option for getting a healthy source of nutrients. But, it is not always easy to eat a full balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals every day. Also, many people suffer from gastrointestinal issues that prevent them from eating the food that will give them needed nutrients.

Supplements are great for getting the vitamins that cannot always be eaten as natural nutrients. Supplements are created to ÒsupplementÓ an already healthy way of eating. Supplements that are not combined with a decent diet will not absorb as well as they should.

It is recommended to choose a healthy diet and to use vitamins and supplements to improve the body even more so. Whole foods and grains are great, but not always available. Supplements that are added to food or eaten regularly along with a meal are incredible for improving overall health.]]>
Mon, 25 Jul 2011 02:56:52 +0000
<![CDATA[How Muscles Develop]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/how-muscles-develop/
Hyperplasia is when the muscle fibers split and the two muscle fibers that split grow to the size of the original muscle fiber. This, when it happens to many muscle fibers will cause an overall increase in size of muscle mass. This can be created with low resistance workouts with increased repetition.

Hypertrophy is when the muscle diameter experiences a small increase and the density increases drastically. This ratio between the diameter and the density of the muscle mass results in growth. This creates a solid muscle and can be achieved with regular weight training, increasing in weight size regularly.

Different fitness routines and plans will create a different physique. Learning how to workout to achieve your goal is necessary. You can learn a variety of techniques from up to date fitness magazines or by scheduling a session with a personal fitness trainer.]]>
Fri, 22 Jul 2011 02:21:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Proper Exercise Form]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/proper-exercise-form/
Proper form with toning and weight lifting is very important. In addition to decreasing chance of injury and improving muscle growth, the proper form can help to make exercising more efficient. Using the right form can give you faster results in your workout in a shorter amount of time.

To learn how to have the proper form you can study online at workout forums, read health and fitness magazines, or hire a personal trainer. A personal trainer is the most expensive and most recommended way to learn about the proper form. A trainer can help to teach you how your body will feel when you achieve the exercise form.

Another way to be sure that you achieve the right form when you are working out is to have a work out partner. Ask your partner to help you to watch your form. They may be able to notice and to see when your body is not in the right position. You can do the same for your partner, by helping them to find their form.]]>
Wed, 20 Jul 2011 02:19:02 +0000
<![CDATA[Proper Rest Between Working Out]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/proper-rest-between-working-out/
Jacuzzi: Relaxing in a Jacuzzi will help to relieve tensions in the muscles and promote muscle healing.

Sauna: Saunas allow the body to relax and also rid the body of toxins.

Stretching: Stretching is a good way to keep muscles refreshed and strong.

Contrast Shower: If you don’t have access to a jacuzzi or sauna, a contrast shower can have a similar effect. This shower consists of one minute of cool water followed by one minute of very warm water and so on for 8 minutes.

Each activity should be used for at least 10 minutes to have the correct proper rest effect for muscles. Proper rest will promote muscle rebuilding and overall body workout recovery.]]>
Mon, 18 Jul 2011 00:05:06 +0000
<![CDATA[Supplements, Good or Bad]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/supplements/
If you are looking to add a supplement to your daily intake, you need to do your research about the type of supplement and the brand of supplement that you are using to ensure that it does not have any dangerous risks or side effects. Doing your own due diligence when looking at what supplements to add to your diet is important. Advertisements do not always list the most accurate information.

Dangers of supplements may pertain to the actual supplement itself or the misuse of a supplement. These vitamins and diet additions should be added to an already healthy diet. They should not be used as substitutes to a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables will have fibers and vitamins that cannot be completely recreated into pill form.

When used correctly, there are many supplements and vitamins that can help an individual to reach their fitness and health goals. These should be added to an already healthy diet with whole foods.]]>
Fri, 15 Jul 2011 00:02:50 +0000
<![CDATA[Power Foods for Muscle Building and Fat Burning]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/power-foods-for-muscle-building/
Eggs: Eggs provide the body with a great source of protein. If you are worried about cholesterol, eat egg whites. Egg whites can easily be purchased in liquid form for quick and easy consumption.

Chicken Breasts: Chicken is a great source of lean protein. Be sure to grill your chicken. Avoid oil and eating dark meat or skin to be sure that you are getting the right type of lean meat.

Plain Greek Yogurt: Don’t be fooled by high flavored yogurt that can ruin your fat burning goals. Opt for plain yogurt and use natural flavoring such as strawberries and almonds or chopped cucumber and basil.

Apples: Apples will help to keep you feeling full between meals. They are also high in fiber. Be sure to eat the skin. Apple juice, as it is high in sugar and low in fiber, is not a comparable food item. Stick with whole fruits.

In addition to adding power foods into your diet, avoid high sugar, high fat and high sodium products. Learn how to compare sugars and carbohydrates on product labels. It is always a good option to choose whole foods that are not processed.]]>
Wed, 13 Jul 2011 23:59:11 +0000
<![CDATA[Unhealthy Body Building]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/unhealthy-body-building/
Anabolic steroids are one of the most common performance enhancing drugs used by body builders. A new steroid, often called a designer drug, is also on the market. Designer drugs are less detectable than regular steroids when an athlete is tested for drug use. Both of these steroids work like the hormone testosterone and help to build muscles and create more intense androgenic effects including a deeper voice and increased facial hair.

Some of the most common side effects of steroid use for body building for men are baldness, infertility and increased breast tissue. Women often experience side effects such as increased facial and body hair and a deepened voice. Both sexes are at risk of developing severe acne, prostate enlargement, hypertension, heart problems, tumors and other negative effects to the body.

As any other drug, steroids are addictive. Those who use these drugs often become dependant on them. They are one of the most common and unhealthiest methods of gaining physique changes quickly in times of competition. But, the results are not worth the dangers.]]>
Mon, 11 Jul 2011 23:50:56 +0000
<![CDATA[What is Body Building?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/what-is-body-building/
Body building as a sport was introduced in the late 1800’s by Eugen Sandow, from Prussia. He is known as the father of body building. The first competition in America was held in 1904 at Madison Square Gardens. But, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that it became a mainstream and popular sport in the United States.

Since the 1950’s the sport has only gained in popularity. In the 1970’s Arnold Schwarzenegger became a famous body builder and an overall celebrity. As more people began emulating these fitness techniques, gyms and training centers were built and the successful gym equipment industry of today was created.

Currently there are hundreds of body building contests in the United States. There are also magazines, dietary supplements and training professionals dedicated to the sport. There are several schools of thought on how to train including natural body building, anabolic steroid techniques and more.

Many fitness savvy individuals are using body building techniques to increase their health and to create a strong and attractive body. They are not competing in the sport, but are using the sport’s tested and proven methods to improve their overall fitness levels and body shapes.]]>
Fri, 08 Jul 2011 23:39:43 +0000
<![CDATA[Risk of Using Hair Color]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/risk-of-using-hair-color/
Allergic Reactions: Many hair dyes can cause severe allergic reactions resulting in rashes, scalp sores and hair loss. To be sure that a dye will not cause an allergic reaction use a test strand on a small portion of your scalp before coloring your entire head of hair.

Over Lightening Damage: Bleaching and over lightening can cause severe damage to the scalp and hair. If you are considering a color that is more than 2 shades lighter than your natural hue, only go to an experience professional hairdresser. But, be sure to understand that your hair, even when colored by a professional, will be damaged due to a high process color.

Cancer: Many hair color products are linked to cancer. Using all natural and high quality products may reduce the risks of cancer caused by hair color products.

Hair Loss: Anti hair loss products do not promote the use of hair products such as dye and perm chemicals. Any chemical added to the hair will result in weaker strands.]]>
Wed, 29 Jun 2011 16:29:20 +0000
<![CDATA[Keeping Your Hair Moisturized]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/keeping-your-hair-moisturized/
Use a deep conditioner once a week: In addition to using a light conditioner every time that you wash your hair, add a deep conditioning treatment one time per week. But, don’t use the deep conditioner more than once a week. This can create an imbalance in hair oils and have a counter effect is used more than recommended.

Don’t over wash the hair: It is recommended to wash your hair every 2-3 days. Washing your hair everyday will strip the hair shaft of natural oils. This will cause extra dryness around the scalp.

Avoid the blow dryer: Only blow-dry your hair for special occasions. Using a blow dryer increases hair dryness. When you do use a heat styling method, be sure to put on a heat protectant lotion.

Take dietary supplements: Supplements can be great additions to a healthy overall diet. This will help to improve the health of your hair as it grows. It can also help to decrease the chance of hair loss. It is a great anti hair loss option.

Be sure to care for your hair daily. You will notice an improvement in the condition of your strands within a week or two using the tips above.]]>
Tue, 21 Jun 2011 16:25:05 +0000
<![CDATA[Slowing Down Sweat]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/slowing-down-sweat/
Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking water can help to keep the body temperature regulated. It can also help to keep the body hydrated, which may not reduce the amount of perspiration, but will drastically reduce body odor.

Avoid Caffeine: Caffeinated products like coffee and many carbonated sodas or energy drinks can cause sweating. The body may react adversely to these products and become shaky and sweaty.

Wear Breathable Materials: Some materials such as polyester and dense fabrics can increase body heat and sweat. Breathable materials such as cotton blends worn loosely will provide the body with the ability to self regulate the internal temperature.

Double Up on Deodorant: In addition to regular stick deodorant, use a spray type as well. Using two various types of deodorants can help with excessive moisture and to reduce odor.

Take Supplements and Vitamins: Health care products such as vitamins can increase overall health and help to release toxins that can cause odors. Many of these products are essential in overall health and will help to regulate body temperature as well.]]>
Thu, 16 Jun 2011 16:22:17 +0000
<![CDATA[Keeping Your Skin Healthy]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/keeping-your-skin-healthy/
Drink Plenty of Water: This will help your body to stay hydrated. It will keep your skin supple. This will also help to flush out any toxins that can cause pimples or acne.

Avoid Saturated Fats: Saturated fats, unnecessary added oils and preservatives in food can cause skin blemishes and irritation. Eating a cleaner diet that is full of green vegetables and fruit can help you to avoid having oil or sugar cravings.

Take Supplements: Vitamins and supplements are great health care products that can help you to stay healthy and boost your immune system. This will help prevent skin issues like acne or even rashes.

Use Quality Soap: Quality products can really make a difference. Products without sulphates or alcohol can help to keep the skin smooth and moisturized. They will help to promote long term healthy skin.

Improve Sleep Schedules: Having a regular sleep pattern and getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night will allow your body to rebuild and destress. Both of these benefits from the proper amount of sleep will show in the quality of your skin.]]>
Mon, 06 Jun 2011 16:17:01 +0000
<![CDATA[Baldness in Women]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/baldness-in-woman/
There are a few common recommendations for women to help them prevent hair loss and to support their current hair growth cycle. Here are 3 of the top tips for anti hair loss:

1. Avoid sleeping with product on your hair: Hairspray, mousse and gel can be detrimental to the hair shaft. When you are sleeping and your hair is pressed up to your head for hours at a time, the chemicals and oils will seep into your scalp and counteract with the healthy oils that will promote healthy hair growth.

2. Don’t brush your hair when it is wet and don’t comb your hair when it is dry. Use a wide-tooth comb or a pick on damp hair instead of a brush. Brushes are designed to work through dry hair and will pull hair out of the shaft if used on wet hair. Also, combs will cause the same issues on dry hair.

2. Avoid shampoos containing sodium lauryl sulphate. This is the chemical responsible for creating suds in shampoo. You can find shampoos without this product, that studies have shown is poor for hair health, at most professional salons and beauty supply stores. ]]>
Wed, 25 May 2011 19:57:33 +0000
<![CDATA[Skin Care Tips for Teens]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/skin-care-tips-for-teens/
Health care products that contain glycolic acid at a high percentage or alcohol are often marketed at teens. These products should be used very minimally. They can dry out the face and reduce acne. But, the dryness will eventually irritate the skin and cause more blemishes. Dry skin can also contribute to early aging signs.

Many teens with skin issues wash their face several times a day. This can actually contribute to the cause of these issues. Skin should be treated with great care and washing several times will cause irritation. Two times a day is the recommended amount. If a teen participates in an athletic activity in the day, the face could be washed afterwards as a third time as well.

While the rumored items that cause acne such as chocolate have been debunked, diet can contribute to the health of skin. Too much oil and fat in a diet can cause skin issues. Increasing water intake and eating an overall healthy diet will help to keep the body working properly and help the skin to flush out toxins.

It is also important to remember that everyone’s body is different. What works for one teenager may not work for another. If prescriptions are considered, take into considerations the side effects as well. A healthy diet and gentle, non irritating cleansing products should be part of a teen’s daily plan to combat pimples and acne.]]>
Tue, 17 May 2011 18:57:17 +0000
<![CDATA[3 Tips for Preventing Hair Loss]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/3-tips-for-preventing-hair-loss/
1. Avoid over processing your hair. This is a problem for many with thinning hair. Men may tease and spray hair into place in an attempt to cover areas with less hair. This can further damage the existing hair. Women tend to dye their hair a lighter shade in attempts to hide thin areas as well. This is very damaging to the existing hair and should only be done minimally, if at all.

2. Avoid over washing the hair. There are shampoos that are patented as thickening shampoos with agents created to help re-grow hair. Many people over use these shampoos in hopes that more washes will create more hair. But, it does not have that effect. The hair shafts will lose essential oils and will become weak with more shampoos than absolutely necessary.

3. Improve your diet. Improving your diet will not only improve the appearance and health of your hair, it will improve your skin and activity level as well. Add healthy fats and proteins into your everyday diet. Also, you can add anti hair loss supplements to your diet to be sure that you are receiving all of the vitamins and minerals that are necessary to prevent further hair loss.

These tips should be used in conjunction with each other. You can learn more about following a healthy protein rich diet online or through working with a nutritionist.]]>
Wed, 11 May 2011 18:43:11 +0000
<![CDATA[Maintaining Healthy Bones ]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/maintaining-healthy-bones/
There are several steps that can be taken to assure that your bones will be strong and healthy in the future. Most of these steps are simple to add to an everyday lifestyle. They include small lifestyle changes such as diet changes and the addition of specific health care products to the diet as well.

The average adult is recommended to intake 1300 mg of calcium per day. This can be done by following a diet that promotes foods rich in calcium. Calcium rich foods include milk, yogurt and cheese. But, not all calcium rich foods contain dairy. Those with dairy allergies or on special diet plans can find alternative foods rich in calcium such as salmon, tofu and sardines.

Many Americans tend to have difficulties maintaining a diet that is consistent in the vitamins and minerals that they need on a daily basis. If you have found that this applies to your lifestyle you can find other ways to be sure that you are getting what you need in your diet to keep your bones healthy and to maintain overall health and wellness. Many health care products such as multivitamins are incredible for helping people to get the minerals and vitamins that are missing in their diets. ]]>
Mon, 02 May 2011 18:29:47 +0000
<![CDATA[Boosting Your Immune System]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/boosting-your-immune-system/ immune systems.

It can be difficult to eat healthy when we are on the go with hectic schedules. But, without a healthy immune system, we are susceptible to catching colds and other illnesses that can be roadblocks to our success. A flu or cold can put a person out of work for days. If the cold or flu turns into a secondary illness, such as pneumonia, a person could suffer a greater loss of workdays and productivity.

There are several ways to keep our immune system strong. One method is to eat fruits and vegetables. Many of us forget how portable and easy these items are to eat on the go. They are truly nature’s convenient food.

Another way to boost the immune system is to add supplements to our daily intakes. Many health care products online are available that will fit the needs of a specific individual. These are available for men, women, adults and children.

If you have specific needs, consult a dietitian or a doctor to find out what vitamins and minerals that you may be lacking. Creating a balance with diet and the right vitamins, you will be able to build a strong immune system that will help you to stay safe from sickness and disease.]]>
Tue, 26 Apr 2011 15:30:53 +0000
<![CDATA[Diet Can Simulate Hair Growth]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/diet-can-stimulate-hair-growth/ hair growth, can improve mood and provide the body with many more positive effects. Changing and improving the diet is an easy way to simulate hair growth and live a healthier lifestyle.

To experience the anti hair loss affects of a diet, there is a group of foods to consume that have had many positive results. These foods include fatty fish, dark green vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs and whole grains.

Fatty fish such as salmon provides protein and oils that can stimulate healthy, strong hair growth. Vegetarians can also use similar food items such as flax seed or flax seed oil to create similar results.

Beans, nuts and eggs all provide a perfect combination of fat and protein that will help hair to grow stronger and thicker. There are also supplements that can be added to the diet to provide similar effects.

Dark leafy vegetables and whole grains provide healthy fibers and vitamin B that are important in a healthy diet. These items can be added to a regular meal or eaten on their own in large salads with whole grain bread or croutons. Adding a dressing with flax seed oil or smoked salmon pieces will create the perfect mix of vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth.]]>
Mon, 18 Apr 2011 16:15:41 +0000
<![CDATA[Achieving a Healthy Diet]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/achieving-a-healthy-diet/
Without a healthy diet, the immune system is lowered to an extremely low level. With a low immune system, a person will experience more cold and flu and also be more susceptible to disease.

There are several ways to achieve a healthy diet. We have gathered some helpful tips to eating healthy, even when your lifestyle is unpredictable and constantly on the go. You can always purchase health care products online to add to any of these tips.

One tip is to always have healthy snacks at your fingertips. Easy to eat veggie packs can be a lifesaver when you have a snack attack at work after lunch. You don’t have to spend anytime preparing this snack. You can also use low fat dips such as yogurt with herb seasoning.

Another tip is to plan meals in advance. If you arrive home from a long day, you will usually be hungry and willing to eat whatever you can get your hands on. With a meal plan written out, you will be able to begin to prepare the meal you have planned for.

The best tip is to have meal replacements that are healthy available at home or the office. These meal replacements, such as protein shakes and bars can quickly be eaten when the day becomes too busy to prepare a meal. You can find many of these health care products online such as bars and shakes.

Adding supplements to meals is a great way to keep the immune system healthy. Find the right supplements for you by searching for health care products online based on your dietary and nutritional needs.

Protein powders can also be purchased online and can be added to smoothies and other meal replacement beverages to keep hunger to a minimum for a longer amount of time. This can help to stop cravings that can cause one to go off of their otherwise healthy diet plan.]]>
Thu, 14 Apr 2011 15:35:21 +0000
<![CDATA[Protein Deficiency and Hair Loss]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/protein-deficiency-and-hair-loss/
Many people that want to prevent hair loss have learned of methods to avoid having a protein deficiency. One of these methods includes and anti hair loss diet. The diet includes a recommended dosage of protein. Nutrition can improve hair loss and overall mood and health.

Sources for protein in an anti hair loss diet include protein bars, protein shakes and various supplements. A doctor should be consulted before starting any new type of diet or nutrition change that could improve overall health.

Supplements for protein often contain additional supplements to protein. These additional supplements help with the anti hair loss diet program by helping the body to process the protein easily and gently into the body.

Other reasons for hair loss include hair loss after pregnancy. By adding protein into the diet with a supplement, one can rebuild the thickness of their hair quickly. Many pregnant women experience thick hair during pregnancy and extreme hair loss afterwords.

Protein can be found in many hair products. These products work to rebuild the hair shaft from the outside in. When supplements and secondary hair products such as shampoo and styling products are combined, consumers often see results quickly.

Stress or illness can be detrimental to the overall condition and thickness of the hair. With a balanced and nutritious diet created to rebuild the immune system, new and improved patterns can often be seen in the condition of the hair and overall body.

If you are experiencing hair loss consider an anti hair loss diet that will improve the overall condition of the hair. This may include protein drinks, protein rich whole foods, protein supplements and overall nutritious eating. Many people are overwhelmed by positive results.]]>
Tue, 08 Mar 2011 17:03:01 +0000
<![CDATA[Body Odor Explained]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/body-odor-explained/ body odor. Before it was believed that the odor started because the sweat would work with the bacteria on our skin and multiply and break down. That acid would cause the smell.

Now people are feeling that it is caused by the toxins that are released from our body through the sweat. It also depends more on where you sweat, because there are certain areas of the body that are more smelly. The more smellier parts are the groin and armpits because they release protein toxins which get attacked by bacteria more vigorously and cause odor.

The protein comes from the food we eat. That food also emits its own smell, which can account for a different stench for different people. Certain foods, such as garlic, can be easily recognized through sweat.

Bacteria alone is not the problem, nor the sweat. It deals with the protein, or the red meat and food we eat. Body odor will happen, so it should be addressed.

Right now there are two main ways to combat BO. One is antiperspirant, which stops you from sweating in the first place so there will be no odor. The other is deodorant, which allows you to sweat but masks the body odor with a good scent.

It is generally acknowledged that sweating is actually good for your body. It should be promoted, not stopped. That is why a lot of people believe that antiperspirants are not good for your body and shouldn't be used.

Deodorants generally are considered to be much safer for your body. It still allows you to get rid of the toxins in your body through the sweat, but you don't have to gross everyone out with your body odor. You still have something there to hide it so it isn't so overwhelming.

You should also combat body odor by taking daily showers. You need to remove the sweat from your body and keep your your good, personal hygiene every day. Some people may even need to shower twice or more a day.]]>
Thu, 24 Feb 2011 17:14:24 +0000
<![CDATA[Preventing Body Odor]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/preventing-body-odor/ body odor that comes from sweating. You may need to reapply deodorant through out the day, but they are less irritating and generally considered safer than antiperspirants.

Consider using an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants are a popular choice among a lot of people because they stop you from sweating in the first place. They are not generally considered safe because they use aluminum-based chemicals to block your pores.

Do your laundry! If your clothes do get smelly, take them off and put them in the laundry to wash. Use an odor fighting laundry detergent that will get rid of the smell. Some normal detergents might not be able to get rid of the smell off the fibers of your clothes.]]>
Tue, 15 Feb 2011 17:13:38 +0000
<![CDATA[Menopause and Female Enhancement Options]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/menopause-and-female-enhancement-options/ menopause is a natural event, you don't have to accept the inevitable. You can combat it.

There are plenty of female enhancement options out there to help your female sexual health. The natural female enhancement market has a lot of good advantages. The more natural the solution, the more safer the effect will be on your body.

There are several different products available that will naturally increase your sexual arouses. It helps women going through menopause because many of these products improve faltering hormone levels. Most natural ingredients are a combination of different herbs that help with libido.

Some products focus on helping women have more lubrication and bodily secretions. They give the body a natural boost to improve their bodily secretions. Sometimes they come in the form of a cream which can improve the blood circulation to the clitoris, which will produce more natural lubrication in the body.

Some natural ingredients work as aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs can help with female arousal. Some good choices are blends of ginseng, damiana leaves, and horny goat weed. Herbalists can even put together a pro-hormone blend to help with menopause issues.blog

Some natural female enhancement products are there to help women who are unable to reach an orgasm. This can be very frustrating for women. Women who use these products often boast that they were able to reach multiple orgasms for the first time in their life.

Female enhancement products are also there to help women enjoy sex more. Supplements are available to help women with menopause be able to find a more balanced sexual state. They can increase your sensitivity and make sex more exhilarating to you.

Just because you have a low sexual desire now doesn't mean that you have to remain that way for the rest of your life. There are ways to help. Find a natural enhancement option to help you get back to the sexual state you want to be at.]]> Mon, 07 Feb 2011 17:24:39 +0000 <![CDATA[How Should You Choose a Good Vitamin Supplement?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/how-should-you-choose-a-good-vitamin-supplement/ vitamins for your health. There are a lot of different supplements available currently, but how do you choose which one is right for you?

Start by talking to your doctor. See what vitamins he or she recommends. They may even be able to recommend certain brands that they like above the others.

Women can benefit from taking vitamin supplements to prevent osteoporosis and birth defects. Including a folic acid supplement in your diet a few months before you start trying to get pregnant is a good idea. Not having enough folic acid in your diet has been proven, in multiple research studies, to be responsible for horrible birth defects like anencephaly and spina bifida.

Even if you were not taking the folic acid supplement, you can begin taking the supplement during your pregnancy with a prenatal pill. Prenatal supplements include multiple vitamins that will help with the baby's development and the mothers health. Separate pills for omega 3 are also encouraged to be taken by pregnant patients because it can help the baby's brain and eye development.

Calcium is another good supplement to take. Calcium helps to keep bones and teeth strong. Taking calcium early on will help lower the risk of osteoporosis from happening.

Vitamin E is a great supplement because of its many benefits. Research has shown that vitamin E protects your body against cardiovascular issues, like heart attacks. Many believe it is because it lowers blood pressure and stops arteries from clogging.

It is also beneficial to prevent certain cancer types. Thanks to supplementation, it can lower skin cancer and oral cancer. This makes it a great supplement because it has a good chance of lowering your risk of contracting cancer.

Supplementation is also good if you are dieting or losing weight. If you are focused on counting calories instead of getting the balance of nutrients needed, it can be easy to miss a few of the needed vitamins in your diet. Supplements are good ways to combat that.]]>
Thu, 03 Feb 2011 19:30:29 +0000
<![CDATA[Why is it Important to Take Vitamins?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/why-is-it-important-to-take-vitamins/
Many of us know vitamins are beneficial for our health, but what is the best option for obtaining them. Should we get them in pill form? Or should we get them from the nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables?

Obviously, the best way is to obtain them from your meals. Fruits and vegetables are great sources to look at. They have a lot of micro-nutrients that your body needs to be its healthiest.

Supplements come in because not everyone has the time or ability to eat the optimum amount of fruits and vegetables. They don't have enough nutrients in their diet. If you are not obtaining the right amount of nutrients in your current diet, supplements are needed.

One way to consider supplements is to think of them as a form of insurance. Some days you may be great about eating your fruits and vegetables, but some days you may not. A supplement works to insure there are no gaps in your diet and that you are keeping the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your system to fight off infections, diseases, etc.

Some vitamins are hard to implement in your diet alone, even if you are regular with what you eat. Omega 3, for example, is found in cold-water fish, so if you do not eat fish a supplement is needed. If there are particular types of foods you don't like to eat, a supplement is your best option to take those vitamins.

Supplementation is there to cover with your diet, but there are other ways to be healthy as well. Being active in your exercise is important. Start with something small, such as walking, and go from there.

Be sure to still do your best to include a diet full of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are your best food source for antioxidants. Also do your best to eat Omega 3 fatty acid foods that are found in freshly ground flaxseed, walnuts, and of course fish.]]>
Mon, 17 Jan 2011 18:26:37 +0000
<![CDATA[Top 8 Basic Weight Loss Nutrition Tips]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/top-8-weight-loss-tips/
2. Plan your meals ahead of time. Pack your foods for work or school the night before. This way you always have fresh, low-fat foods to eat when snack time and meal time comes around and you won't be as tempted to eat fattening foods.

3. Weight loss does not have to be stressful. Don't get so caught up in the specifics of your diet that you get frustrated and give up. Start by doing something simple, such as counting your calories and trying to stay in your healthy range.

4. Don't drink soda! Soda is unhealthy and actually can make you more dehydrated. Avoid empty calorie drinks like soda and choose healthier options, like water and milk.

5. Avoid foods that have a high level of sugar in them. These include candy, pies, cookies, and pastries. They hold a lot of calories and hold little, to no, nutritious value. If you do partake of these types of food, limit the amount you consume. Make a limit to the amount you will eat and stick to it.

6. Remember to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Your ultimate goal should be eating five servings of either fruits or vegetables. You can incorporate fruit and vegetables in with your meals or eat them separately.

7. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day. If you are serious about weight loss, water can help. If you want to burn off those calories you need to have an adequate supply of water. Dehydration will slow down the fat-burning process.

8. Avoid foods that have a lot of calories and fat. If your pie slice has 600 calories in it that is way too much. In order to be successful with your weight loss goals you need to make healthier food decisions, such as whole grains, beans, low-fat or non-fat dairy, lean and low-fat meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.]]>
Thu, 13 Jan 2011 16:48:23 +0000
<![CDATA[The difference between body building and strength competitions]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/difference-between-body-building-and-strength-competitions/ Body building and strength competitions are contests where lifting weight and training are practically synonymous.

Weight lifting competitors are divided by body weight and compete to lift the most weight. In competitions such as the Olympic Games each competitor lifts in rotation and has three attempts to complete a successful lift. There are two lifts, “the snatch” and “the clean and jerk.”

The snatch is a lift where the athlete must lift the bar from the floor then ducks under it to catch it overhead. Then the competitor must stand up with the bar over his head. A successful lift in the snatch is required to compete in the clean and jerk.

The clean and jerk, as the name implies is a two stage lift. The clean moves the weights from the floor up to chest level. The jerk moves the weights from the chest over the head.

Powerlifting is similar to weight lifting competitions but there are important differences. Powerlifters compete in the bench press, the squat and the dead lift. Unlike weight lifting where the bar is dropped at the conclusion of a successful lift, powerlifters must return the bar to the rack at the end of a lift for it to count.

Body building as a sport undoubtedly produces very strong competitors; however you usually won’t find them in strength competitions. That is because they train to achieve different results. Weight lifters are not very concerned with how they look where the emphasis of body building is how you look.

If there is any doubt, visit a website and look for tips for someone who is entering a body building competition. You will get advice on how to pose, choosing music for your routine, how dark your tan should be, what kind of posing oil to use and how to keep your trunks in place. These things simply don’t apply to competitive weight lifters.

Another important difference between the two is the use of drugs. Drug abuse is a problem that needs to be addressed in body building. Strength competitions regulate the use of performance enhancing and illegal drugs.]]>
Thu, 13 Jan 2011 16:35:57 +0000
<![CDATA[Natural Energy Boosters]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/natural-energy-boosters/ Energy boosters give us a boost of energy to get over our tiredness. Natural ingredients and herbs can increase our energy levels and can be easily put in your daily diet. Instead of drinking your third ice latte, consider these natural energy boosters.

Cayenne Pepper - Cayenne pepper can increase blood flow and help improve circulation. It aids in metabolism and and the body's digestive system. Cayenne is a natural energizer.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables. Raw food contain a lot of enzymes. Enzymes turn the food we eat into energy. The more you eat of natural, raw foods like salads, the more energy you will have naturally.

Another way to boost your energy is to take a bath with essential oils. Essential oils can increase your health and energy. Good choices are eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint, and lemon.

Take Ginseng as an Energy boosters. Ginseng improves performance and energy. It can stimulate the immune system and get rid of both mental and physical fatigue to help with stamina. Ginseng is a wonderful energizing herb.

Exercise to help your fatigue. Aerobic exercise will help you be more alert. Other great energy exercises are yoga, t'ai chi, and dancing.

Eat super-foods. Super foods, or highly nutritious food, are high in vitamins and minerals. They contain mico-nutrients that are important for boosting energy and performance.

Other methods that don't involve caffeine or energy drinks are getting up and changing positions. Listen to some good types of music that have a good beat and will keep you alert. Try using natural light instead of artificial light if you can help it, since natural light helps with energy. There are a lot of different types of energy boosters available. Try one out and see if it can aid in your fatigue levels. Natural supplements will give you natural energy to help you on your busy days. ]]>
Tue, 04 Jan 2011 20:12:01 +0000
<![CDATA[ Things You Can Do To Increase Your Energy Level]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/increase-energy/ Fatigue is a major problem with millions of Americans every year. There are a lot of different things that can cause fatigue and tiredness. Here are some things to change your tiredness around and get some of your energy back.

Eat smaller portions more frequently. Instead of eating three large meals a day split them up in to five to six small meals a day. This can give you more energy and live healthier.

Spend time outside! Get some sunlight (in moderation) and enjoy the outdoors. Being cooped inside all day can lead to depression and fatigue.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up early. Even better, go to bed and wake up at the same time every single day. Don't sleep in on the weekends. You aren't doing yourself any favors for "catching up on a few hours". You will feel much more energized if you are consistent with your bed times and waking times.

If you need to take an energy drink, use a natural energy booster. Natural energy booster are free from chemicals. You want to treat your body the best you can, and using a natural energy booster instead of high doses of caffeine or other chemicals is the better route to take with energy drinks.

Another natural energy booster can be found by eating leafy greens. Gain energy by eating spinach, romaine lettuce, and broccoli. They are all filled with energy-boosting chlorophyll that will stimulate energy and productivity.

Do things you enjoy to do. If you are feeling tired because you are stressed about life, get out and do something you enjoy. You will be surprised at how invigorating that can be.

Exercise regularly. Studies have shown that exercise can help aid in energy and mental performance. Try off with baby steps, such as a daily walk, and move towards more vigorous things like bike riding and swimming.]]>
Tue, 04 Jan 2011 20:04:51 +0000
<![CDATA[Natural Energy Booster Options For Drinks]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/natural-energy-booster/
Energy drinks and chemicals that are put in those energy drinks are not good for the body. Caffeine has been proven to cause a variety of issues as well. Here are some natural energy boosters that you can use so you can cut back on the more harmful energy drinks and coffee.

1. Kelp - Kelp is a natural mineral for an energy boost. It provides balance to a body's metabolism and burns off calories. Kelp is an energizing food with nutrient-rich substance.

2. Ginseng - Ginseng helps with the overall health of the patient. It promotes energy and strength, but physically and mentally. It has an adrenal boosting property.

3. Maca - Maca is normally thought of as a sex-boosting root, but it can be a great natural energy booster in other ways. Maca is known to help for energy benefits to both men and women. It can increase libido and sexual function, but also with strength, stamina, and energy.

4. Cayenne - Cayenne pepper helps with circulatory functions. It also boosts metabolism. It works well in combination with other herbs to utilize energy.

5. Alfalfa - Alfalfa is a very nutritious energy booster. Alfalfa plants have very deep roots that can go down as far as thirty feet in the earth. Alfalfa leaves have a lot of minerals and nutrients which are good for the body. Alfalfa works well to energize as well as aids in digestion.

6. Bee Pollen - Bee Pollen is another natural ingredient that contains amino acids. It is used a lot by professional athletes who need to maintain their energy and stamina. Bee pollen does a lot to aid the body's nervous system and brain.]]>
Mon, 20 Dec 2010 16:59:20 +0000
<![CDATA[Tired all the time? Get Help!]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/tired-all-the-time/
To fix the problem you need to know why you are tired. Do you get enough sleep? Better yet, do you get enough quality sleep? If you have a hectic schedule where you wake up at different times each day that can also wear you out. Experts agree that your body handles waking up consistently at the same time each day much better.

Are you stressed? Stress can effect your body even if you are technically sleeping long enough through the night. Also, if you are overdoing it that can also affect your energy level.

How much sleep you are getting does not really matter. Each person is different, so one person may need the magical "8 hours a day", while others are happy to get by on 6 hours of sleep, and others can't properly function if they get less than 10 hours. Every one has their own schedules.

Instead of asking how much sleep you need to be getting, you need to ask yourself how you can fix the problem. What are things you can do to stop being so tired? In most cases, what you do while you are awake during the day will affect how well you are sleeping at night.

Are you exercising? What do you do at bed time? Are you drinking coffee or eating chocolate before bed and it has been keeping you up? Is your brain stressing over the latest venture at the office? Look through what you do each day and see what you can do to fix the problem.

If you are need more energy during the day until the problem can be fixed, consider using an energy booster. Natural energy boosters are much safer on the body then harmful chemicals. Caffeine is a common ingredient used to keep people awake, but can had bad side effects if used in high doses. Opt to try out different natural energy boosters instead to keep your body healthy and safe.

Also, when you find yourself falling asleep, get up. Having a change of atmosphere can really help. The less activity you have through out the day, the more sleepy you will become.]]>
Mon, 20 Dec 2010 16:50:38 +0000
<![CDATA[Staying Healthy While Bulking Up]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/staying-healthy-while-bulking-up/ body building is a good weight training program. Diet is also essential to staying healthy and adding bulk. Weight training makes your body want to grow bigger but diet will determine how fast and how much it will grow.

Not only do the right foods make muscle growth possible, it sustains the body during workouts. The right diet can even postpone the onset of fatigue. The right foods eaten right after a workout will help your body repair and recover.

The main components of diet to consider are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Muscles are made of proteins. Carbohydrates and fats provide the fuel for them. But, vitamins and minerals cannot be ignored.

A solid body building diet should be about 25-30% protein. As a rule of thumb, you should consume about one gram of high quality protein per pound of body weight (more precisely, 0.8 to 1.3 grams). If you weigh 180 pounds, that means 144 to 234 grams per day.

If you use protein as your starting point, you can get an idea of what your total calorie intake should be. One gram of protein equals 4 calories: 180 x 4 = 720. If that is 25% of your diet than the total should be about 2,880 calories a day. If you consume 30% protein at the rate of 1.3 grams per pound of body weight you should be eating about 3100 calories every day.

Carbohydrates should make up the bulk of a body building diet and ideally be in complex forms rather than simple sugars. Carbohydrates like proteins contain 4 calories per gram. If you need a boost, for example after a workout, a nine-inch banana is an ideal source because not only does it have almost 40 grams of carbohydrates but it packs 600 milligrams of potassium.

Fats contain fatty acids help move oxygen through the blood, they aid in cell membrane development and strength. You need fat to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. In short, fat is necessary for strong organs and healthy tissues.

You may need to do some experimenting to find your optimal protein and caloric intake. It may also be helpful to eat smaller meals more often (about 3 hours apart). Along with your workouts, your diet is essential to successful body building.]]>
Fri, 17 Dec 2010 16:07:46 +0000
<![CDATA[Natural Ways For Male Enhancement]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/natural-ways-for-male-enhancement/
Sadly, testosterone production begins to lessen after men reach the age of 30. If you are searching for natural male enhancements to boost the production of testosterone here are a few suggestions. There are a lot of different ones on the market, but these are natural male enhancements.

1. Acai berry - The acai berry is known as the super-food because of the many things it can achieve. It has antioxidants in it that removes toxins from the body as well as helps with weight-loss and anti-aging. For men, it works to increase their libido.

2. Tribulus Terrestris - This herb gives your testosterone the boost it needs. It can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Tribulus Terrestris is used by a lot of athletes and bodybuilders as a natural way to boost their stamina and endurance.

3. L-Arginine - This natural ingredient is used in many sexual enhancers. L-Arginine is an amino acid that boosts production of testosterone. It also has other advantages, such as producing nitric oxide synthesis.

4. Tongat Ali - This herb is found in Malaysia and Indonesia. It increases the production of testosterone. Tongat Ali works well to increase a man's sex drive and his sexual potency.

5. Panax Ginseng - It increases testosterone as well. It is very effective for getting blood to flow to the penis. This is one of the best natural male enhancement herbs for erectile issues.

6. Ginkgo Biloba - Ginkgo nuts are found in China and increase the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide increases blood flow to the penis and erectile tissue. It allows the penis muscles to relax and the blood vessels to expand so blood can easily get to the penis.]]>
Fri, 17 Dec 2010 16:04:46 +0000
<![CDATA[A History of Body Building]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/history-of-body-building/ body building is relatively new. It grew from a miscalculation by Florenz Ziegfeld.

Known best for his Ziegfeld Follies, he began his entertaining career in earnest in 1893 at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition where he displayed Eugen Sandow as a strongman. The people, however, were more impressed with his muscles than his strength.

Ziegfeld changed the show so that Sandow would pose and flex his huge muscles and the audience was delighted. The success of the show was the beginning of body building as we know it. Sandow went on to organize the first major body building competition in 1901, where he was a judge rather than a contestant.

Contestants were judged on good health, balanced development and symmetry. The winner received a statue of Eugen Sandow which was presented by Sandow himself. The winners of the Mr. Olympia competition still receive the same statue today.

After 1930, body building changed to emphasize an increase in body mass. The importance of size led to changes in training. Improved technology in training equipment and nutrition has been the positive lasting results.

Hormones and insulin were also used to increase body mass. This also led to use of controlled substances and the misuse of prescription drugs. Today drug abuse is a major concern and creates a negative image for the sport.

Even though, nearly all steroid users experience unwanted side effects, currently there are an estimated 3 million steroid users in the United States. Nearly 90% get their drugs from illegitimate sources. Despite the well known (and obvious) risks, more than half admitted to using drugs from illegal laboratories.

If body building is ever going to enjoy the same acceptance as other sports, it needs to return to its roots. Eugen Sandow's idea of healthy living and exercise to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and healthy body still has it merits. Nutrition and modern training methods should be all that is needed to compete.]]>
Thu, 16 Dec 2010 16:15:18 +0000
<![CDATA[Can you Body Build Too Much?]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/can-you-body-build-too-much/
Getting sore is part of body building. For most of us it's a goal when we work out. But did you know that soreness is actually an acute injury?

The idea is that these micro-injuries induce the muscle to repair itself. The repaired muscle will be bigger and stronger. This is the premise behind body building.

If we go too far we can cause a serious injury. One way to tell if you are injured rather than just sore is your urine. If it is dark gold or brown you probably have an injured muscle. If you are swollen and experience pain or have lost strength you are probably injured.

This is a setback, because you will have to rest while the injury heals. It is possible to work around an injury but you risk making things worse. It is best to let your body heal and be careful not to work the area too soon.

Of course, it is best to avoid the injury in the first place. Your body will give you a warning before you go beyond soreness to injury. This warning is known as fatigue.

Fatigue is a warning that if your body goes any harder, muscle injury will occur. This is why body building and pain killers don't mix. If you can't feel your body's response to your workout you are putting yourself at a higher risk of injury.

Body building, if done properly, can improve your health as well as your physique. If you're not careful, injuries will occur. You will damage your body rather than improve it.]]>
Thu, 16 Dec 2010 16:06:59 +0000
<![CDATA[Uses for Antioxidants]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/uses-for-antioxidants/
Over oxidation in cells on any part of the body is bad. It can damage cells and lower their function. They can also produce more genetically altered cells. Antioxidants are great to keep oxygen in cells at the proper levels.

The body uses oxygen for energy and creates a by-product called free radicals. Many scientists believe that these free radicals contribute to many of the diseases today. Antioxidants help to protect cells from the free radicals and to neutralize the free radicals as well.

Taking antioxidants can help prevent diseases. Heart disease and cancer can be caused by oxidative stress and are just a few of the diseases. Reducing the oxygen level in your cells then reduces your risk of getting these diseases, but take it in moderation.

A great source for antioxidants is the acai berry. One berry has 33 times more antioxidants than red wine grapes. This berry may be small, but it is really powerful and full of nutrients.

The levels of antioxidants found in acai berries raises your metabolism. It also helps out with your digestive system. Several products use this berry and its antioxidants in weight loss programs.

There is also free radical cells on top of the skin as well that creates diseases and ages the skin. The UV rays, pollutants, and oxygen also age the skin. It aids in causing wrinkles and saggy skin. Antioxidants can help prevent the aging of skin.

Many cosmetic lines use the extract of acai berries. The extract of these berries have a very long shelf life, so they are great for products. This berry is also great because it is loaded full of antioxidants.]]>
Wed, 15 Dec 2010 16:18:19 +0000
<![CDATA[Health Empowered Berry]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/health-empowered-berry/ acai berry is originally found in Central America and South America. This little fruit resembles a large blue berry. How would have known that such a small thing could be so very powerful. It has several benefits too.

The first is that it is very nutritious. All sorts of nutrients can be found in just one berry. This berry has more protein in it than the normal egg. It also contains essential minerals like iron, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.

It also contains numerous vitamins. Some of these vitamins are thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, niacin B3, and Vitamin C and E. The acai berry is a multi-vitamin all on its own.

There are high levels of fiber in the berry as well. The fiber is great to help with digestion. The elderly or individuals with constipation would greatly benefit from this aspect of the berry.

Another benefit of this berry is that it will help give you energy. It does this through the high amount of lipids that it has. These lipids will turn into energy.

The thing that acai berries are most known for are their high levels of anti-oxidants. They have about 33 times more anti-oxidants than red wine grapes. Anti-oxidants are great for the body. They have so many uses too.

Among several other things, anti-oxidants are great for regulating cholesterol levels. They also improve the vascular cardiac system, which helps to improve blood circulation. They are even great for the skin and have been used in cosmetic products.

There are so many benefits in eating or using acai berries and it is all found in one berry. You can improve your mental focus, sexual function, and get better sleep. You can also use this berry to boost your immune system and cleanse or detoxify your body.]]>
Wed, 15 Dec 2010 16:15:22 +0000
<![CDATA[Açaí: beyond the nutrition facts]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/beyond-the-nutrition-facts/ Açaí palms are known as the “Tree of Life.” They have gained this title because of the staple that they are in the lives of those living in and near the Amazon. Best known for their berries, their influence has begun to spread to the rest of the world. To those outside of Brazil, the palms are best known for their berries, which are rich in nutrition. The berries are high in fiber, fatty acids and antioxidants. They are becoming an increasingly popular dietary substance, especially in the United States. In Brazil, however, most do not consider the health benefits of the açaí berries. They have become a main ingredient of their diet, constituting up to 42% of their total food intake in weight. Beverages, desserts and main dishes are all derived from these purple berries. The tree’s berries give flavor to alcoholic beverages. They also give flavor to ice cream. In southern Brazil, the berries are mixed with granola and eaten cold from a bowl. The palm heart is a vegetable that is harvested from the inner core and growing bud of the tree. With a mild taste similar to artichoke, palm hearts are a staple food for Brazilians, used in salads and on pizza. The hearts have become a worldwide delicacy and are eaten in many areas, mainly America and France, as salad or a steamed dish. The açaí palms have other commercial uses, as well. The berries are ground and used as food for livestock, and are also used in organic soil for plants. The palm trunks are processed to yield minerals. The trunk wood is also used for the building of homes and other edifices because it is resistant to insects. The leaves of the tree are used to make roof thatch for homes, mats, brooms and hats. They are also used in weaving and basket making. While to the rest of the world the açaí palms are used mainly for their health benefits, they are a staple of life for those living around the Amazon. The palms are used to benefit the people and economies of surrounding communities. Their uses are vast and ever expanding.]]> Tue, 14 Dec 2010 16:48:31 +0000 <![CDATA[The Father of Modern Body Building]]> http://www.head2toefit.com/blog/father-of-modern-body-building/ Eugen Sandow is often referred to as the father of modern body building. He is the first well known body building athlete and changed how the public viewed their bodies. Eugen Sandow, born as Friedrich Muller, was born in 1867 in East Prussia. Muller changed his name to Sandow because he had evaded the Prussian draft. Sandow was blessed with an athletic physique. When he was younger he decided to leave his home and join a circus that had passed through the town. He was trained to be an acrobat, and he enjoyed improving his body with gymnastics and acrobatics. The circus went bankrupt and Sandow was scouted by a professional strongman named Louis Attila. Attila immediately saw Sandow's potential and took him under his wing to become his pupil. The two later parted, but kept in touch via letter. Attila wrote Sandow about a performance challenge he thought Sandow would like to be a part of. Two men, Sampson and Cyclops, were part of an act that showed off different feats of strengths. They were not particularly strong men but misled the audience by tricks. They would present the audience with a challenge nightly of 500 British pounds to anyone who could best them, and Atilla knew Sandow would be up for the challenge. Sandow easily bested the athletes and got the attention from the audience. This made him go on to start a career as an athlete competitor. People began to book him all around Britain for shows because the audience loved him. Sandow performed for four years across Britain. He showed off different feats of strength, lifting, and posing. The audience loved his skills, and he enjoyed showing off to the crowd. In 1893 Sandow was approached by an American to perform in America, and Sandow took that offer. He did not have a good reception in America's shows, however, because of the weather and the sketches he was put with. He was looking forward to leaving America when American Florenz Ziegfeld took Sandow under his wing. Ziegfeld had Sandow perform in the Trocadero theater. The audience loved that Sandow was able to perform his feats of strength, instead of feeling like they were watching questionable acts of strength. After that Sandow became very popular with American audiences, and moved on to be well known for body building.]]> Tue, 14 Dec 2010 16:42:48 +0000