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Advosis Diarrhea Relief By Progressive Health 120 Capsules

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Advosis Diarrhea Relief By Progressive Health 120 Capsules

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Advosis Diarrhea Relief
After determining the underlying cause of your frequent discharge, Advosis may be used to enhance intestinal absorption; thereby reducing dehydration risk and other potential diarrhea-related complications.
Diarrhea is a common condition. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 100 million cases occur annually in the United States alone. Despite this frequency, diarrhea and its potential complications can result in severe conditions if not accurately addressed. Though most cases are acute in nature, diarrhea can persist. Its origin may be due to a simple food intolerance or physiological conditions. Regardless of its cause, it is imperative that diarrhea severity be assessed and proper treatment protocols initiated.

Diarrhea, Defined:
The medical definition of diarrhea involves the defecation of more than 200 grams per day, although there is no formal measurement of such volume upon diagnosis. Diarrhea can vary in severity. It presents as an abnormality in the digestive process, producing an increase in the wateriness, volume, or frequency of bowel movements over a given duration.
Normally, foods remain in a liquid state during the digestive process. When food passes through the colon, fluids are readily absorbed and only semisolid stool remains. However, diarrhea occurs when fluid is not absorbed by the colon, like it normally should be. Foods that are ingested usually pass too quickly or are in too great of amounts to be sufficiently absorbed by the colon.
Acute diarrhea usually lasts only a few days. More sever diarrhea, on the other hand, lasts much longer and may be a sign of a more serious, underlying condition. In certain circumstances severe diarrhea can present serious health concerns without proper treatment. Both acute and severe diarrhea are associated with a loss of water and salts from the body. When the colon is damaged or inflamed, the absorption of nutrients and fluid is dramatically altered and can lead to dehydration. Replacing lost fluid and other nutrients is key in preventing the possibility of dehydration and other potential complications that arise as a result of this condition.

What Causes Diarrhea

There are a myriad of causes which can lead to diarrhea's onset. It may be the result of a temporary problem, like bacterial populations, or caused by a more severe condition. The most common causes of diarrhea remain:

  • Food intolerance
  • Certain medications
  • Bacterial populations
  • Parasites
  • Intestinal condition
  • Functional bowel conditions
Bacterial conditions often result in severe cases of diarrhea. Lactose, the sugar found in milk, is a common cause of diarrhea in lactose intolerant persons.

Types/Signs and Symptoms of Diarrhea
Acute diarrhea, or gastroenteritis, is diarrhea lasting for less than 2 weeks. Symptoms of acute (general) diarrhea include; a frequent need to defecate, weight loss, abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, bloating, vomiting, and a general feeling of being ill. More severe diarrhea lasts for more than 2 weeks and is usually related to a functional disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. This condition manifests much like acute diarrhea and presents with the same initial symptoms. However, more severe forms of diarrhea can be associated with continued abdominal pain, discolored or bloody stools, and dehydration; all symptoms which indicate that a more severe condition is present.

Standard Treatments for Diarrhea


Physician intervention is usually not necessary unless diarrhea has persisted for over 2 weeks. In most cases, diarrhea will run its course and the only treatment needed is maintaining adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration from occurring. Physicians often advise you to replace fluids with an electrolyte mixture, due to the fluid, minerals and salts (e.g. potassium and sodium) lost during diarrhea. In addition, milk products, caffeine, and greasy, spicy, high-fiber, or sweetened foods should always be avoided. When you begin eating again, doctors usually recommend the BRAT diet, which consists of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast, to test your individual tolerance. If you are able to eat these foods without restriction, you may want to begin incorporating simple/bland foods into your diet. These include; crackers, plain chicken, soups, carrots, and potatoes.

Advosis Helps to Regain the Natural Balance of Your Intestinal Tract:

Nutritional therapy has been well received within the medical community as a possible means of treatment for diarrhea. In fact, studies have shown that the ingredients found in Advosis produced significantly shorter durations of diarrhea than patients concentrating on diet alone. This finding may prove even more important for employers and employees alike, considering that diarrhea is second only to the common cold in the number of days missed at work.

Advosis accurately addresses several causes of diarrhea-related illness without dietary manipulation. Ingredients such as bentonite clay, probiotics, nutritional yeasts, activated charcoal, and soluble fibers, help to resolve diarrhea's symptoms by assisting in the elimination of toxins, while promoting a natural balance of flora in the digestive tract.

Progressive Health's unique formula also helps to add bulk and reduce the fluidity of stools with its inclusion of blond psyllium seed and husk. By reducing diarrheal duration and improving the current health of your digestive tract, Advosis can be a welcome component to any protocol that has been designed for diarrhea treatment, regardless of its severity.
As a dietary supplement, take two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening with 8 ounces of water. Our suggested minimum serving is 4 capsules daily/maximum serving of 6 capsules daily. 45-60 days of continuous use is necessary for optimum results.

(1) Bottle 120 Capsules.
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