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Gall Cleanse GallCleanse Kit Natural Gallstone Cleanse


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Gall Cleanse GallCleanse Kit Natural Gallstone Cleanse

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Gall Cleanse Gallstone Cleanse by GallClense Description

GallCleanse is a 2-part therapy that includes Dissolvent soft gels and Flush capsules. Together the therapy brings instant relief while targeting each factor of the gallstone cycle to break down, flush out and prevent stones.
Breaking the Gallstone Cycle
Since gallstone formation is the result of these 3 crucial factors, reversing each problem is essential:
  • All existing stones need to be dissolved
  • The gallbladder needs to resume full contractions
  • The liver needs to produce better quality bile

Gall Cleanse is the only doctor recommended dual-action therapy proven to target each factor of the gallstone cycle and bring complete relief from gallstones.

Gall Cleanse is a 2 part therapy that includes Dissolvent softgels and Flush capsules.

Together the therapy brings instant relief while targeting each factor of the gallstone cycle to break down, flush out and prevent stones.


Ease Gallstone Pain & Reduce Gallbladder Inflammation

Gallstone Cleanse includes relaxants clinically proven to quickly calm gallbladder spasms. Other ingredients in Gallstone Cleanse naturally reduce gallbladder inflammation to ease the pain associated with gallstone attacks.

Dissolve Gallstones with Oil-Complex

The Dissolvent softgels have active ingredients, called monoterpenes, that naturally break down the stone's hardened cholesterol molecules to dissolve them back into the flowing bile.


Flush Dissolved Stone Particles by Improving Gallbladder Contractioins
After the Dissolvent begins to disintegrate the gallstones, the Flush helps the gallbladder contract more completely to expel the dissolved stone particles -- as well as excess bile which can form new stones.

Detoxify Liver & Improve Bile Quality
to Prevent Stones

Specific ingredients in the Flush detoxify the liver and reverse fatty liver congestion. Bile made by the liver is more free-flowing, reducing your chances of having new stones.


Unique combination therapy

Dissolvent - 90 softgels. Taken three times a day.

Pain Relief:

Peppermint & Carraway Oil Extracts - eases painful gallbladder spasms
This oil blend is clinically proven to relax the smooth muscles that surround the gallbladder, relieving gallstone attacks.

Gallstone-dissolving complex:

Menthol - eats away gallstone surface
Extracted from peppermint oil, this monocyclic monoterpene is clinically proven to eat away at the cholesterol surface of gallstones.

Camphene - inhibits stone's molecules from binding
Extracted from ginger oil, this bicyclic monoterpene penetrates gallstones and inhibits cholesterol molecules from binding to each other.

Menthone - breaks down stones into tiny, easily flushed particles
Extracted from geranium oil, this monoterpene compound finishes breaking down stone particles into soluble molecules that can safely pass out of the gallbladder.

Fennel Seed Oil - stabilizes oil complex
This stabilizing oil allows the oil complex to coat the gallbladder and gallstones uniformly

Flush - 60 capsules. Taken twice a day.
Artemisia Argyi Extract - increases frequency of gallbladder contractions
A specific compound in this extract improves gallbladder contractions so that the gallbladder empties more often and expels dissolved particles. Another active compound, called Borneol, has stone dissolving properties.

Curcumin Extract- optimizes gallbladder contractions
This curcumin extract is clinically proven to help the gallbladder resume full contractions to completely flush out stone particles and bile sludge.

Betaine Extract- de-congests, detoxifies liver
Since thick bile is produced by a congested liver, this ingredient targets the root of the problem. First it decongests the liver by eliminating fatty deposits inside the narrow hepatic ducts. The second clinically documented effect is protection of the liver cells from toxins that constantly degrade the liver's function.

Silymarin Extract - protects liver function
Independently tested by two separate research teams, our extract works with Betaine to protect liver function and cleanse the liver of toxins, so that the liver produces healthy, free-flowing bile.

Oregon Grape Extract - reverses gallbladder inflammation
This extract contains alkaloids that limit the production of enzymes causing gallbladder inflammation. By relieving gallbladder irritation, it effectively breaks the cycle of inflammation and poor gallbladder function.

Chelidonium Extract- improves bile flow and lowers bile cholesterol
Our extract has been shown both to increase bile flow and to help the liver produce diluted bile with less cholesterol, making it less thick and clumpy.

Tumerin - eases inflammation and improves bile flow
This potent anti-inflammatory also makes bile more free-flowing. This action combined with better gallbladder contractions ensures proper gallbladder cleansing.

Panax Ginseng Extract - reduces bile cholesterol
This ingredient works with chelidonium and tumerin in preventing new stones from forming. Specific compounds in our panax ginseng extract cause a reduction in the amount of cholesterol and total lipids in bile, thus making it extremely unlikely for bile to form new stones.

 Each ingredient in the Dissolvent and Flush has a specific role in reversing the gallstone cycle.

(1) Kit 1 Month Supply.

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