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Uriflow Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones 60 Capsules

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Uriflow Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones 60 Capsules

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Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones

Uriflow helps to Dissolve Kidney Stone the Natural Way.  Uriflow has been Clinically Proven to Disintegrate and flush Kidney Stones Painlessly and Quickly. An Effective Way to Prevent Kidney Stones.

This proprietary formula is the only effective product with scientific evidence shown to eliminate and prevent your kidney stones...

  • Dissolves stones by acting on its chemical composition

  • Flushes out gravel painlessly and cleanses the urinary tract

  • Prevents inflammation & urinary infections caused by movement of existing stones

Uriflow is first non-prescription product that successfully alleviates kidney stone attacks by actually working on the stone itself.

The longer a kidney stone remains in your urinary tracts the more damage and pain it can potentially cause to the sensitive kidney tissue.

It is vital to eliminate the stone fast and protect your delicate urinary tissue from irritation, inflammation and irreversible damage.

Uriflow is the only product of its kind that targets every major aspect of kidney stone treatment: Disintegrating the stone, flushing out the smaller fragments, preventing damage to the urinary tracts as it moves out and preventing stones from forming again.
You've heard us say the product works. If you're still not 100% convinced that Uriflow could help you get rid of your kidney stones, then this section is for you.

The Powerful Uriflow Proprietary Blend Includes...

Boerhaavia Diffusa- The pharmacology of this herbal extract has been extensively studied and has shown to have a dual diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.
Crataeva Nurvala- The water extract of the bark has shown to cause spontaneous passage of renal and bladder stones. The triterpenoids and varunol isolated from the bark can also act as an anti-inflammatory as the stone passes.
Tribulus Terrestris- There are alkaloids in this ingredient that are responsible for an increase in renal perfusion and aspartic and glutamic acid contents have shown to have stone disintegrating properties.
Lawsonia Inermis- An alcoholic extract of the leaves has shown to have an effective anti-bacterial activity that has been confirmed in three separate clinical studies.
Bergenia Ligulata- Shah et al has concluded in an independent study that an exact concentration of crude extract has marked antilithic property in dissolving preformed stones.
Ficus Racemosa- An extract from the bark has clinically been validated as an effective carminative and can help ease gripping pains.
Didymocarpus Pedicellata- The active compound in this extract known as Pedicellic acid has been established as a successful treatment for kidney stones.
Achyranthes Aspera-The extract from the seeds have saponins which have proven to have a stimulating effect on the kidneys and can help in flushing out gravel.
Raphanus Sativus-Several studies report the antibacterial effect against S.aureus, E.coli, Ps. aeruginosa, S.typhi and B.sublitis which can help prevent urinary infections from erupting after a stone passage.
Hemidesmus Indicus-An aqueous extract has shown to increase urinary output within the kidneys that can aid in calculi being flushed out.
Asphaltum-The bioactive Benzoate compounds within this mineral has shown to have lithontripic (stone disintegrating) effect.
*Besides being beneficial by themselves, the true breakthrough of Uriflow ingredients lie in the proprietary blend perfected through years of trial.

Take 2 capsules daily. For best results take one capsule before breakfast and one before dinner.

(1) Bottle 60 Capsules.

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