PetAlive Ear Dr for Pet Ear Infections & Mites - Native Remedies 50 ml

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PetAlive Ear Dr for Pet Ear Infections & Mites - Native Remedies 50 ml

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Pet Alive Ear Dr.
Some animals are more susceptible to ear infections than others due to the particular structure of their outer ears. Common signs of ear infections include shaking of the head and ears, scratching or rubbing the ears and face, discharge or even bleeding from the ears, foul smell coming from the ears, sensitivity to touching in the ear area, general irritability.
There are a number of causes of ear infection and common culprits include bacteria, yeasts and mites. Ear mites are small, parasitic creatures that usually live in the ears of your pets causing severe itching and inflammation. These mites can also live on the head or body of dogs and cats. These mites are highly contagious and will spread between pets in the same household very easily.
Usual treatment of ear infections in pets involves antibiotics and, in the case of mites, medications and products also used for flea control. As ear infections are so often treated with antibiotics, chronic and recurrent ear infections are a growing problem and usually occur with decreased immune functioning - a frequent side-effect of antibiotic drugs.
Pet Alive Ear Dr. contains a blend of natural, herbal ingredients in a medicinal olive oil base, all specially selected to treat and prevent ear infections and ear mites without the side effects of prescription drugs or the health and environmental risks associated with commercial synthetic pesticides.
(1) Bottle 50 ml.
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