Lexington HairMax LaserComb Premium Treats Hair Loss Hair

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Lexington HairMax LaserComb Premium Treats Hair Loss Hair

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HairMax LaserComb Premium
  • Rechargeable System - The new HairMax Premium utilizes a lithium ion rechargeable battery operating system for cordless operation with 9 Individual 650 nm Laser Diode.
  • Cordless or Direct Powered - While the HairMax Premium, is now battery powered, the devices can also be used with a power cord (supplied), plugged into a wall outlet
  • Device Cradle - allows for convenience storage of the device when not in use and also serves as a charging station. Its CD screen depicting battery life
  • Optimal Laser Delivery - All of the new models employ the HairMax patented hair parting teeth mechanism
  • The newly designed hairmax incorporates advanced electronic circuitry to monitor the battery level to ensure the optimum laser strength is being delivered

If you are concerned about your hair, the earlier you start using the HairMax LaserComb, the better. There's nothing more detrimental to a person's appearance than thin, lifeless hair. And the longer you wait to do something about it, the less chance there is of reversing the problem. That's where HairMax steps in to help.


The HairMax LaserComb is a safe, simple way to a fuller head of thick, luxurious-looking hair.


With more than 90% of all LaserComb users achieving satisfaction with their results, this device is a safe, simple way to a fuller head of thick, luxurious-looking hair. It is a proven fact that skin cells "like" light. Your hair is no different. Both men and women of all ages can benefit from laser light therapy provided by the LaserComb.


Although individual results may vary, you should notice early improvements to the general appearance of your hair within the first eight to 16 weeks. These improvements should include shinier and thicker looking hair. In general, studies have shown that about 45% of LaserComb users see these results in as little as eight weeks of treatment. Another 45% realize benefits from use within eight to 16 weeks. A small group of users take longer and may not experience noticeable results before 16 weeks of use. Even Time Magazine spotted the benefits of LaserComb, featuring the invention in the December 4, 2000, "Inventions of the Year" issue.

Over the course of several more months, you may notice your hair gradually become fuller, stronger, and denser looking. Over time, all users -- both men and women -- usually notice progressively increasing benefits as they continue to use the LaserComb. Conversely, once the usage stops, the appearance of the hair does gradually regress back to its original state. Like brushing your teeth to maintain healthy teeth and gums, regular LaserComb usage is recommend to keep your hair looking its best. As few as three times a week for 10 to 15 minutes a session is sufficient to see results.  

How to use the LaserComb
The LaserComb has been designed with both comfort and convenience in mind. To turn on the LaserComb, press the power button and then the laser button on the front of the unit. Next, place the LaserComb flat on your head using the two rows of teeth. Rather than constantly moving the device through your hair (as you would with a regular brush or comb), you should use a glide method by placing the LaserComb on a specific spot on your head and gently gliding it back about 0.5-inches each time the audible four-second beep occurs. Move from the front of your hairline to the back of your head, then repeat the process moving in the opposite direction. The glide method is the best way to ensure that the LaserComb will be as effective as possible. In addition to being very easy to operate, this device is also a relaxing and enjoyable product to use. There are no sprays, topical ointments, or powders to worry about, and it can be used in the comfort of your own home at your own convenience.

Proven Technology: Laser PhotoTherapy
For many years leading hair clinics and salons in Europe, Asia and around the world have been using Laser PhotoTherapy -- a form of laser technology also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy -- to improve the appearance of thinning hair. Over and over individuals suffering from thin, lifeless hair have achieved great results with this form of therapy, but until just recently Laser PhotoTherapy was only available through exclusive hair clinics. These clinics rely on large, fixed laser devices, and, to be effective, a patient must attend many regularly scheduled, expensive in-office therapy sessions.

With the HairMax LaserComb, Lexington International has miniaturized the internationally-acclaimed Laser PhotoTherapy technology. Now, with the LaserComb, it is possible to receive this effective hair care treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home, office, or hotel, and at a fraction of the cost charged by hair clinics. The LaserComb utilizes the scientific principle of Photo-Biostimulation that progressively improves the appearance of your hair over time. By harnessing the energizing and nourishing effects of Laser PhotoTherapy, HairMax makes your hair look healthy and vibrant. Remember, living cells thrive in light and your hair is no different.

The Laser PhotoTherapy used in the LaserComb complies with USA laser product safety standards. The laser affects only your hair and you achieve benefits without any worrying side effects. Laser PhotoTherapy gives off no heat and is safe for consumers to use at home. Unlike the high powered lasers used in manufacturing, medical surgeries and science, Laser PhotoTherapy is a gentle, nourishing light therapy that has positive effects on hair. The HairMax LaserComb is safe to be used by itself or in conjunction with other treatments.

Hair before treatment with the LaserComb.

Results after the first weeks of treatment.

And results with continued treatment.

Breakthrough in Hair Growth

Some say it is the hair that makes the man or woman. Its been called our crowning glory, and defines our style framing our personal presentation. We sometimes joke about it, but for the many people whose hair is thinning, hair loss is no laughing matter.

Lets face it, if youre losing hair you want to find a treatment that is safe, easy to use and, most importantly, effective.

Thanks to the HairMax LaserComb, you no longer need to worry about expensive, time consuming regimens that yield little or no results. Most importantly, because of the HairMax, baldness is now a choice instead of a reality. Clinically proven to work, and grounded in over 20 years of scientific data, the HairMax LaserComb is the first and only medical device cleared by the US FDA to promote hair growth.

Whether youre looking to re-grow hair, or simply maintain what you have, the HairMax LaserComb has been demonstrated effective through countless clinical studies, and is supported by medical professionals worldwide as a safe and effective treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia.

Why Choose the HairMax LaserComb?

The HairMax is the first and only medical device cleared by the FDA for the promotion of hair growth. Currently, only two other products are endorsed by the FDA to promote hair growth. What sets the HairMax apart as a proven treatment option is that it is drug/topical free, is a one time investment and causes no worrisome side effects.

1. It really works, and its proven!
After a 26-week double-blinded randomized sham-controlled study, results indicated that the average number of terminal hairs per square centimeter increased by 19 hairs over the trial duration. This is considered medically and statistically significant, and proves that the HairMax can deliver the real results youre looking for.

2. No worrisome side effects
All of our studies have confirmed that the HairMax causes absolutely no worrisome side effects. In some cases, users have reported the cessation of not only hair loss, but also relief from other irritating scalp conditions.

3. No ongoing costs
Unlike many other hair-loss treatments, The HairMax is a one time investment that provides long-term results.

Were the only FDA cleared treatment that offers a money back guarantee. We can do this because were that sure youll see satisfactory results.

4. No prescription necessary
The Hairmax is easy to purchase and ships right to your door anywhere in the world via UPS.

5. Patented hair parting teeth mechanism for maximum laser delivery and hair growing effectiveness

6. Manufactured in the USA under strict Good Marketing Practice (GMP) guidelines

7. ISO Quality Assured for manufacturing processes and CE certified for laser safety

8. Up to two years of device warranty coverage

Clinical Studies & Results

Low Level laser therapy has been used in attempts to re-grow hair and prevent hair loss since the 1950s. Below is a list of abstracts from various studies on this topic.

The studies are arranged beginning with the oldest and culminating in the landmark HairMax LaserComb studies which led to the FDAs clearance of the device to promote hair growth in males with Androgenetic Alopecia.

2005 Clinical Trial Data and FDA Clearance

Clinical Study Results Leading to FDA Clearance (2005)

Far and away, the most demonstrative study relating to the efficacy of the HairMax LaserComb was our landmark clinical trial conducted in 2005.

The most recent study affirming the positive benefits of using the HairMax was completed in 2005 and culminated in the FDAs clearance of the product to
Promote hair growth in males with Androgenetic Alopecia who have Norwood Hamilton Classifications of IIa to V and Fitzpatrick Skin Types I to IV.

The study was designed as a multi-center, randomized sham-device controlled trial. In simple terms, neither the subjects nor the researchers knew who was using real devices and who was not. The purpose of this type of study is to be able to render the most un-biased analysis of results possible.
Trial subjects were to use the device three times per week on non consecutive days for a total of 26 weeks. The study population included only males.

Assessment of Efficacy
Using a microscopic analysis, hair counts were measured at the beginning of the trial and then compared to the measurements taken at the end of the study.


Subjects using the HairMax had significantly greater increases in hairs per square centimeter. The results concluded that subjects in the active group grew an average of 19.8 hairs, whereas subjects in the sham group lost 7.6 hairs.

Also significant was that no subjects experienced any serious unwanted adverse event during the course of treatment.
This landmark study has helped place the HairMax at the forefront of emerging hair loss treatment technologies, and is demonstrative of the types of benefits you can expect from your treatment with the HairMax.

Previous Studies in Low Level Laser Therapy

Professor Andre Mester (1964)

In 1964, Hungarian Professor Andre Mester began studying the use of low-power laser energy in biological
systems. He observed that low-energy laser exposure had a stimulating effect on the biological system, while high-energy laser exposure had an inhibitory effect. He found that diabetic sores which would otherwise remain chronic, were healed. But most importantly, he was amazed to find accelerated hair growth and thickening of the hair in the treated areas.

Professor Pekka J. Pontinen (1996)

One of the pioneers of LLLT in Scandinavia, Professor Pontinen generates thorough theoretical and practical studies on how to apply low level laser therapy in the treatment of chronic conditions, particularly musculoskeletal and myofascial pain and dysfunction, vascular disturbances, ulcer treatment and wound healing.

He also established the beneficial effect of Laser Hair Care (registered trademark) on scalp blood flow and published his results in 1996.

In his placebo controlled study he showed that LLLT increased scalp blood flow by 54% while the placebos scalp blood flow decreased by 36%.

This study is a clear indicator that LLLT acts as a definitive catalyst in increasing blood flow to the scalp and, as hypothesized by the makers of the HairMax LaserComb, helps grow hair as a result.

Published Scholarly Journal Article, International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology (2003)

This astounding study was the first independently conducted inquiry confirming the efficacy of LLLT using a HairMax LaserComb to stimulate hair growth and increase tensile strength in subjects with Androgenetic Alopecia.

Thirty-five patients, 28 males and 7 females, all diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia, underwent treatment with a HairMax LaserComb for a six-month period.

Needless to say, the positive results rivaled that of our most recent FDA submitted clinical study. A total of 93.5% of patients experienced increased hair counts when the results of all temporal and vertex patients were considered. In general, males treated in the vertex area showed the greatest gains, but both sexes and all areas of the scalp (vertex, temporal and frontal) demonstrated significant improvement.

Additionally, hair tensile strength increased 78.9% when all temporal and vertex patients were considered. As with the hair counts, the tensile tests showed the maximum improvements were in the vertex area in males.

If youre losing hair, we know you want a convenient, cost-effective solution that will deliver real results real fast; the HairMax has been shown to be effective in over 90% of users.

Below is a breakdown of how typical users respond to treatments with the HairMax.

Weeks 1-6:

As early as the first treatment, users report that their hair feels more lively, is more manageable and that their scalp feels healthier. Having better hair days, noticing more vibrant shine, having less scalp itch and experiencing significantly decreased hair fallout are just a few of the immediate benefits of using the HairMax.

As early as week 6:

Consistent with our clinical data, 45% of users start seeing noticeable hair growth in as early as 6 weeks. It may start with small peach fuzz like hairs sprouting from the scalp, and may also include a general thickening of the hair you have. Additionally, improved shine, increased shine and increased pigmentation of individual hairs is a strong indicator that the HairMax is working for you.

Weeks 6-12:

During this period another 45% of our users start to experience the full benefits of using the HairMax. A cessation of hair loss, marked new growth and all of the benefits exhibited by early responders applies to users who respond in this period of time.


Post 12 weeks:

As with any treatment option, some users that have not responded by week 12 will see nominal benefits. It is important to note, though, that sometimes perceived benefits do not parallel actual benefits. While you may not experience drastic improvements that are easily noticeable, little indicators, such as increased shine and manageability or an overall feeing of better scalp health, are signs that the HairMax is having a positive effect on your hair.

If you dont see results between 12 and 20 weeks, we encourage you to continue using the HairMax on a regular basis. Many of our users report that even in this time frame, with continued use, they slowly start to notice a thickening of their hair, and even show signs of re-growth.


HairMax LaserComb Premium
With the LaserComb Premium, experience real hair growth with minimal effort. Rest easy knowing you have invested in a precision device, manufactured with the highest quality components and designed to last a lifetime.

HairMax LaserComb Premium Features:
9 Laser Beams
10-15 Minute Treatment Time
10-15 Year Life Span

Your Set Includes:
- One HairMax LaserComb Premium Edition
- Premium Leather Travel Case
- Worldwide AC Power Adapter 110-240 Volts
- Second Set of Comb Teeth
- User Manual
- DVD instructional Video
- Warranty Card
- Quick Start Guide
- 2 Year Warranty


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